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Community of Common Destiny: A Community of Shared Future

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Community of Common Destiny was mentioned by President Xi Jinping In the three years following the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012 to describe China’s relations with other countries, especially its neighbors. However, this concept was officially presented to the international community was at the UN Headquarters in New York two years ago, when the Chinese president delivered a keynote speech on the term, extending it to all mankind.

The idea is that all countries are linked to each other by common challenges, such as climate change, the need for sustainable development and the fight against terrorism. It’s a core part of China's new diplomatic strategy. By emphasizing community and a shared fate, the concept aims for a peaceful and stable environment for China and the rest of the world.

Equal Partnerships
According to Xi's vision, our future lies in the hands of all countries -- equally -- and all nations should pursue dialogue rather than confrontation with one another, and forge partnerships instead of alliances.

China is working to expand convergence of interests with more and more countries, such as Pakistan, Laos and Cambodia, and form communities of common destiny on a bilateral basis. It has also approached nations in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East to develop similar communities by pushing forward win-win cooperation.

In the course of pursuing equal partnerships, China has actively participated in reforming the global governance system by addressing unreasonable and unjust aspects of the system.

Also as part of its efforts in this regard, China champions better representation and say of developing countries in the international governance system, calling for the equal participation of all countries in making rules.

Inclusive Development
In the community of common destiny, the development of one country is closely intertwined with that of other countries.

"China will always work to contribute to global development," Xi said during the UN general debate, welcoming other countries to get on board China's express train of development. "Development for all is development for real."

The Belt and Road Initiative was proposed in this spirit, as was the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the South-South Cooperation Fund, and increased investment by China in the world's least developed countries.

Connecting some 60 countries, the Belt and Road Initiative has been aligned with many national and regional development strategies, bringing forth more and more cooperative projects, including railways, roads and ports. (Source: CGTN News)

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