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Representative Office Registration in Dongguan

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Representative office registration in Dongguan can be said the easiest and the most economical way for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to have a legal presence in China. The function of a representative office (hereinafter referred to as “RO”) is for the liaison with businesses and customers from China to the rest of the world on behalf of its parent company. A RO is not considered to be a separate legal entity and it cannot carry out direct revenue earning business activities.

Benefits of setting up a RO
A RO has several benefits to foreign companies who're starting a business in China.
1. Allows your company to have an official presence within an office space in China.
2. No registered capital is required
3. Few difficulties regarding tax.
4. Recruitment and human resource management is simple.
5. Able to manage marketing and promotions within China.
6. Possible to locate new suppliers and clients.
7. Exchange ideas and technology with local organizations more easily.
8. Perform Quality Control and other advisory and regulatory activities pertaining to the parent company's dealings in China.

Information Required for Registration
Basically, the paperwork required to set up a RO is fairly straightforward. You need to provide:
1. The parent company to have been running for more than 2 years;
2. A letter from your business bank demonstrating good financial standing;
3. Your parent company's certificate of incorporation;
4. A summary of the parent company's business: activities, products, services, locations, and contract details;
5. CVs and passport photos of the foreign representatives joining your RO;
6. Original Chinese lease rental contract of the office where the RO is to be based (needs to be arranged in advance of application).

Follow-up management for RO
1. Accounting and tax filing
Like Dongguan company, the representative office also needs to apply for tax registration and tax declaration to the competent tax authorities (national tax bureau and local tax bureau) within 30 days after completion of RO registration.

2. Annual report
After the registration of the foreign representative office, the registration certificate is valid for one year (from the date of establishment). For this reason, the foreign representative office must submit the application for extension of validity to the Industry and Commerce Bureau before the expiration. The extension period is usually one year.

Tannet’s Services
1. Registration certificate of representative office;
2. Company chops (including official seal, financial seal, legal representative seal)
3. Work visa application;
4. Registration at national and local tax bureau;
5. Bank account opening.

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