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Shenzhen Business Incorporation

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Shenzhen business incorporation is also called Shenzhen company setup, Shenzhen corporate formation, Shenzhen business setup, Shenzhen company incorporation, Shenzhen business establishment and Shenzhen business registration.

Registering a Shenzhen company becomes the foreign investor's important choice, which is also the right business development mode. Along with the rapid development of China Shenzhen's economy, Shenzhen has become one of the largest economy country in the world, its proportion of manufacturing and export and import in the global scope is more and more higher, many international investors take chance to find the right business opportunities in China Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Company Registration--Foreign Company Types and Industry
1. Commercial trading company;
2. Consulting company;
3. Science and Technology company;
4. Manufacturing;
5. Food and Beverage company / Catering Company.

Shenzhen Company Registration--Essential Factors for Registration
1. Company name;
2. Investor information;
3. Investment capital;
4. Organization Chart;
5. Business scope;
6. Register address;
7. Special licenses.

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