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Beijing Business Setup (WFOE)

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Beijing business setup (WFOE) is one kind of business incorporation in Beijing. WFOE, wholly foreign owned enterprise, is a business entity formed in China entirely with foreign capital. It is totally under foreign control and does not have any formal Chinese ownership participation. A WFOE is set up as limited liability entity and represents separate legal persons and is taxed according to local legislation.

Advantages of WFOE in Beijing
1. China’s capital Beijing is strongly influenced by the world. The National Party, government, and military heads of agencies and national corporate headquarters, trade associations, financial institutions, the headquarters. CPC Central Committee and State Council in Beijing, the formulation of national development, the major principles and policies, leading the country's modernization. Beijing's international and domestic official and social exchanges busy every day and release a large amount of economic and social information, reflecting China's direction & development.

2. Beijing has the most advantages location wise in China, the city of Beijing’s centre, embraces the Liaodong Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula, including Beijing, Tianjin Bohai economic circle, industrial base, rich in natural resources, population density, market potential is huge, China's future economic development is most active and continues to have high development potential of all regions.

3. Beijing is the country's financial decision-maker and home to the macro-control centre. The central bank and other policy banks, commercial banks, commercial insurance and other major financial institutions headquartered in Beijing, involving the country's monetary and financial policy formulation and promulgation systems.  

Application Documents for WFOE in Beijing
The first thing is confirm company name(Chinese name, then we help u check it, need 5-7workingdays. (need prepare Chinese name, shareholder information(company business license copy) , which district set up , registered capital, Company business scope)

If the company name is ok, then will prepare documents as follows:
1. shareholders copy of passport( It should be notarized by local notarized department, and identified by China embassies and consulates, if the shareholder is company ,need to notarized company business license and A notarized attorney letter is required for authorized signer by local notarized department, and identified by China embassies and consulates  Chinese translation)
2. shareholders credit certification (issued by the bank, Chinese translation )
3. The new company legal person passport and shareholders passport and supervisor passport , legal person, supervisor and shareholder address, need Chinese translation, telephone number, email address)
4. The proof of the place of company (the Lease Contract , property ownership certificate)

Taxation service content of WFOE in Beijing
1. the first to open a bank tax agreement (with related documents);
2. report to the national tax, fill out the company's basic information;
3. after the report, with the member that agreement to find tax deducted for online tax deduction, for after what shall pay tax (usually the business tax and surcharge) will give the company a user name and password.(sign (binding) online tax and tax, duty, if any, to handle the duty, land tax, if no duty, then only go through the land tax.);
4. then report to the local tax, fill out the financial system and the software for the record report;
5. buy the invoice.

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