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Hong Kong Corporate Formation

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Hong Kong corporate formation is also called Hong Kong company registration, Hong Kong company set up, Hong Kong business setup, Hong Kong company formation and Hong Kong business registration etc. Hong Kong is an international metropolis with abundant information and opportunities. Together with sound infrastructure and complete legal system of its own, it provides an advantaged financial & commercial environment to many entrepreneurs and traders. Therefore, more and more people establish their own companies in Hong Kong with different purposes, which improve not only the image of the company itself, but also the competitive ability in the international market.

Business Scope
In principle, there are not great restrictions on the business scope of Hong Kong companies. But you are advised to define your business activities before you set up a Hong Kong company; it is your choice whether to show the business activities on the business registration license or not.

Taxation in Hong Kong
Hong Kong has created an image of low tax and few tax environments. Last month, in Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor "2017 Policy Address", she announced that the tax levied on the first HK$2 million profit posted by enterprises had been halved to 8.25 percent. Profits above HK$2 million would continue to be subject to the standard tax rate of 16.5%. However, attendant restrictions would ensure that each group of enterprises only nominate one enterprise to benefit from the lower tax rate.

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