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Dongguan Company Registration Procedures (WFOE)

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Dongguan Company Registration Procedures (WFOE) vary based on the WFOE form and the planned business scope. Dongguan is a prefecture-level city in central Guangdong province, China. An important industrial city located in the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan borders the provincial capital of Guangzhou to the north, Huizhou to the northeast, Shenzhen to the south, and the Pearl River to the west. Every year in mid-October, International Computer Communication & Consumer Products Expo is held in Dongguan. The expo lasts for 3 days, gathering about 560 participant IT companies from all over the world.

I. Pre-registration
1. Name registration
The company name can be translated from English by meaning and/or phonetically. Verification of feasibility of the proposed name by the AIC will take a few working days. Only the Chinese name will be legally binding - the English name is not legally relevant for Chinese authorities. Note that the words “China” and “International” cannot be freely included in the Chinese name, and are subject to further requirements.

2. Issuance of approval certificate and temporary business license
The authorities will issue the approval certificate and temporary business license after assessing the following documentation:
• Business license (certificate of incorporation - depending upon locations, this may need to be notarized in the investor country of origin, and then translated into Chinese);
• Bank statement to demonstrate credit worthiness (from relevant bank in country of origin and translated into Chinese); and
• Photocopy of passport of the legal representative of the investor company.

II. Post-registration
Following the issuance of the temporary business license, the WFOE would need to perform a number of formal registrations at various Chinese government entities, including applying for carving various seals in order to authorize documents on behalf of the company, as well as opening an RMB account for managing daily operating expenses and a foreign capital account for receiving foreign currency.

Compared to registering a business in most Western countries, registering a business in China is challenging work filled with paperwork and bureaucratic red tape. It is practically impossible to properly complete the registration process without a qualified agency. Be sure that the agency is qualified and the agency has good connections and relationships with the various local authorities, and that they possess comprehensive knowledge about the numerous important aspects involved with legally and properly registering a WFOE.

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