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Xinjiang Horgos Company Registration

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Xinjiang Horgos company registration is a good choice for investors to invest in western China under the Belt and the Road Initiative. Located at the border between Kazakhstan’s Almaty province and China’s turbulent Xinjiang autonomous region, Horgos Gateway is a signature effort for leaders in both Astana and Beijing. It is also a key node in the “Silk Road Economic Belt”, the overland component of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) initiative, the aims of which include developing China’s troubled western regions and creating new trade opportunities — as well as supporting a geostrategic push to enhance China’s political, economic, and cultural influence across Eurasia.

Benefits of Xinjiang Horgos Gateway
Horgos enjoys a number of advantages relative to its neighbor: a paperless clearing process, more efficient transloading capabilities (required to navigate Sino-Soviet rail gauge differences), better storage facilities, and even calmer weather.

a. One-stop convenient logistics infrastructure;
b. Tax incentives and easier access to China work permit application for foreign investors;
c. A company in certain sectors could be incorporated, while those are restricted out of free trade zones.

Main Required Documents for Company Registration in Xinjiang Horgos
a. Notarization and legalization of Investor’s identity documents;
b. All members’ passport and ID documents copies;
c. Basis company information.

General Company Registration Procedures in Xinjiang Horgos
Once basis company details confirmed, you can go through company incorporate procedures as below:
a. Preparing one set of statutory documents;
b. Company name check and reservation;
c. Record filing with foreign-invested enterprise establishment;
d. Applying business license;
e. Curving company seals;
f. Opening a bank account;
g. Import and export license, if involved in international trading;
h. Any special license application, if any.

Time Required
Generally speaking, the process of company incorporation in Horgos will take about 7-15 working days in total.

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