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Hong Kong Company Registration Requirements

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Hong Kong company registration is relatively a simple process, which roughly takes 8-10 working days if everything goes smoothly. Hong Kong is considered a major international centre for business. Hong Kong is one of the world most established and reliable financial centres. The economy in Hong Kong is considered to be one of the freest in the world (as measured by the Index of Economic Freedom) therefore it is an excellent jurisdiction in which to incorporate a company. The requirements for registering a Hong Kong company is also very easy, details are as follows:

Basic Requirements on Registering a Company in Hong Kong
1. Company name
The name of your company must pass approval before your Hong Kong company can be incorporated. A company may be registered with an English name, a Chinese name, or an English name and a Chinese name. Please note that the company name with a combination of English words/letters and Chinese characters is not allowed.

2. Company members
(1) Directors - Hong Kong requires at least one director, with an unlimited number of maximum directors permitted. Directors can be a person or a company, and they can be any nationality. Directors must be 18 years or older, and they cannot be bankrupt or have been convicted for any malpractices.

(2) Shareholders - Hong Kong limited private companies are permitted to have a minimum of one shareholder with a maximum of 50 shareholders. Shareholders do not have a residency requirement. Directors and shareholders can be the same person or different people, and shareholders can be a person or a company. Shareholders must be 18 years or older and can be any nationality.

(3) Company Secretary - It is mandatory that you appoint a company secretary. If that secretary is an individual, they are usually required to reside in Hong Kong; if the secretary is a body corporate, their registered office or place of business must be in Hong Kong. In the case of a sole director/shareholder, that person cannot also perform as company secretary.

3. Share Capital
For Hong Kong companies, there is no minimum share capital stipulation, but the basic norm is an authorized share capital of HKD 10,000. Share capital is not restricted to the Hong Kong dollar, but can be represented in any major currency. Shares are able to be transferred with a stamp duty fee. Bearer shares are not permitted.

4. Registered Address
Hong Kong companies must supply a local Hong Kong address as their registered company address. Registered addresses cannot be a PO Box, they are required to be a physical address.

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