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Offshore Company Registration Requirements

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An offshore company may be a reference to: a corporation or (sometimes) other type of legal entity which is incorporated or registered in an offshore financial centre or "tax haven"; or a company or corporate group (or sometimes a division thereof) which engages in offshoring manufacturing or business services. To set up an offshore company or relocate your existing business overseas is a crucial step toward internationalizing yourself and your assets.

Characteristics of offshore companies
Although all offshore companies differ to a degree depending upon the corporate law in the relevant jurisdiction, all offshore companies tend to enjoy certain core characteristics:

1. They are broadly not subject to taxation in their home jurisdiction.
2. The corporate regime will be designed to promote business flexibility.
3. Regulation of corporate activities will normally be lighter than in a developed country.

Basic Requirements for common offshore Companies

Advantages of offshore company Incorporation
The major advantages of offshore company Incorporation are as follows:
1. Simple registration procedure, low cost and no need for capital verification;
2. Free circulation of foreign exchange;
3. Lawful tax litigation;
4. Simple company maintenance;
5. High confidentiality of registration information and documents;
6. No scope of business or limitation of geographic coverage.

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