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BVI Company Formation

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BVI Company Formation id also known as BVI company registration, BVI business setup or BVI company incorporation. A BVI company is a corporation formed in the British Virgin Islands under the BVI Business Companies Act of 2004, which regulates all corporations. For offshore company formations in the British Virgin Islands, a registered agent is required. Tannet is willing to act as your agent and take care of all the process.

Why doing bushiness in BVI?
British Virgin Islands (BVI) corporations receive many benefits:
1. The British Virgin Islands Business Company (BVI BC) is the most popular offshore legal entity in the world. Over 40% of all global offshore corporations are registered in the BVI.
2. No Income or Corporate Taxes.BVI Corporations are not required to pay corporate or income tax to the British Virgin Islands government.
3. Clean Reputation. Neither The Financial Action Task Force (FATF on Money Laundering) or The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has ever blacklisted the British Virgin Islands as a country forming offshore corporations. This means that the BVI has always been considered “white” (clean) by international finance watchdog organizations.
4. BVI corporations do not need to share information about their officers, directors, owners, or shareholders. No information identifying any of these names is filed with the BVI Register so they never appear on any public records.

Types of BVI company
The BVI Business Companies Act of 2004 permits the formation of five kinds of business companies:

Business companies that are restricted by shares;
Business companies restricted by a guarantee stating the company cannot issue shares;
Business companies that are both restricted by a guarantee and can issue shares;
Business companies that are unlimited but cannot issue shares; and
Business companies that are unlimited and can issue shares.

Requirements on BVI company
1. Directors and shareholders
BVI corporations are required to have at least one director. The corporation’s directors to not need hold BVI residency status, and can be either private persons or business entities. BVI corporations are required to have at least one shareholder. A company secretary is not required.

2. Authorized Capital
There is no authorized capital requirement in the BVI.

3. Annual Fees
BVI corporations pay reasonable annual renewal fees. This changes periodically so inquire for specifics.

4. Accounting and Audit Requirements
Offshore corporations in the BVI are not required to keep annual records. However, BVI local corporations are required to publish their annual financial statements, and they must be audited once a year by an independent auditor.

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