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Offshore Corporate Formation

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Offshore corporate formation is commonly used for structuring of international business and tax planning. Companies incorporated in "tax haven" countries offer individuals and businesses little or no tax liability which includes company formation centers such as Seychelles, Marshall Islands, Panama, Dubai, etc.

Many individuals and corporations who use offshore companies and planning aspire to:
1. Reduce tax   
2. Protect assets
3. Manage risk   
4. Enhance assets
5. Maintain privacy   
6. Reduce costs

In general, the reasons for using offshore companies for business are:
1. Free remittance of profits   
2. Access to top-rated jurisdictions
3. Security of property rights   
4. Accessing low cost areas
5. Access to tax treaties
6. Banking privacy
7. Availability of offshore experts   
8. Access to foreign insurance
9. Customs and duty exemptions   
10. Exchange convertibility
11. Enhanced privacy   
12. Government cooperation
13. Fair treatment   
14. Territorial taxation
15. Sanctity of contracts   
16. Foreign investment inducements
17. Fewer restrictions   
18. Tested legal systems
19. Higher yields and returns   
20. Sophisticated banking facilities
21. The search for political stability
22. Reduced taxation

Offshore companies are mainly used for:
1. Trading   
2. Investment
3. Holding   
4. Financing
5. Services and consultancy   
6. Intelectual property
7. Ship management   
8. Tax planning

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