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Samoa Company Formation

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Samoa Company Formation is one kind of offshore business incubation services provided by Tannet. Thanks to a a range of positive factors, the offshore company in Samoa has become a tasty pie for many businessmen. Social, economic and political conditions seem to be created in order to register their company here. Moreover, Samoa cannot be found on blacklists known to all the FATF and OECD business sharks, which means that there is one more place on the map to develop truly profitable activities without taxation. Of course, only under such conditions business is done outside the island.

Advantages of Samoa Offshore Company
Exemption from all local taxes and stamp duty;
Maximum confidentiality and anonymity;
Ease of operation, maintenance and control;
Asset security;
No disclosure or minimum capital requirements;
The minimum number of shareholders is one;
The minimum number of directors is one;
Corporate directors and shareholders are permitted;
Excellent and flexible post-incorporation follow-up services;
No statutory requirement to hold annual general meetings.

Requirements on Company Incorporation in Samoa
1. Company Name
Name approvals must first be obtained from the Registry and a proposed company name can be reserved for up to 3 months.

2. Registered Capital
There is no minimum capital requirement and shares may have a par value or may be of no-par value or a combination of both. They may be fractional and expressed in the currencies of any country except Samoa in single or multiple currencies. Details of allotments and redemptions of shares need not be filed with the Registrar.

Subject to its articles, a company may provide financial assistance for the purchase or subscription of its own shares or the shares of any related company, provided the directors honestly believe that such purchase or subscription will not result in the company thereby being incapable of meeting its obligations to creditors as they fall due.

3. Directors/Secretary/Resident Agent
There need to be only one director. A trustee company, if requested, will make available an officer for appointment as a resident director, but it is not obligatory that any director be resident of Samoa. Directors meetings need not be held in Samoa and written resolutions signed by all directors may be minutes in lieu of meetings.

A company must have a resident secretary or resident agent either of whom must be a registered trustee company, a wholly owned subsidiary thereof, or an officer of a registered trustee company. Where a company does not appoint a resident secretary, it must appoint a secretary in addition to the resident agent. The secretary fulfills the company’s legal obligations and the resident agent is responsible for dealing with communications addressed to the company at its registered office.

4. Registered Office
The registered office must be the office of a Trustee Company.

5. Restrictions on Trading
A Samoa offshore company cannot trade within Samoa. Banking, insurance, assurance, reinsurance, fund management, collective investment schemes, trust management, trusteeship business provision are not permitted.

Post Incorporation Requirements
A certificate of incorporation remains valid until the company is struck off pursuant to the provisions of the International Companies Act 1987 and is subject to the payment of a renewal fee on the 30th November in each year following incorporation.

After incorporation, the company’s filing obligations are minimal. These mainly comprise notifying the Registrar of any changes which take place in the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and in the registered office. Particulars of a company’s officers are not required to be filed unless the company so elects.

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