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Offshore Company Registration

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Offshore company registration, also known as offshore company formation or offshore business setup, is one of Tannet's registration services. Offshore companiese have become a hot topic in the international trade and investment promotion. The registration of offshore company for most enterprises are mainly out of the purpose of going public or tax avoidance, but they must not fall into the wrong place, namely, thinking that they can be completely tax-free if they register in the "tax haven". In fact, this kind of tax avoidance, fundamentally speaking, avoids the tax of the country where it is located.

Offshore Company Registration Process
Generally speaking, the registration for the overseas company includes the following four aspects, let’s take the foreign branch for example:
1.Preparation. Do the necessary preparatory work, including the understanding of the operating environment and legal and policy environment of foreign countries, the analysis on the aspects of technique, finance and personnel as well as the selection of the operating projects and business premises.
2. Approval application. Companies registered abroad must apply to the competent authorities abroad. As mentioned here, "foreign competent authorities" mainly refer to the administration organs of foreign governments concerning foreign investment. If it is the operation of a special industry, the competent authority refers to the management of the special trades.
3. Approval. After accepting the application of a foreign company, the competent authority shall examine the relevant matters and documents as soon as possible for the establishment of the branch office. Where the establishment meets the needs of the state and conforms to the provisions of the law, the approval shall be made. Otherwise, it will not be approved.
4. Registration and licensing. If the application for the establishment of a branch of a foreign company is approved, it shall register with the relevant registration authority according to law and collect the registration certificate.

Offshore Company Registration Advantages
1. Show the international corporate image and facilitate the development of transnational business;
2. Facilitate the reorganization of capital, listed abroad and strengthen overseas financing capabilities;
3. The use of offshore company for export resale can legally reduce tariffs;
4. Avoid foreign exchange management, free import and export of funds, easy to settle;
5. Easy to do immigration and visa;
6. Company registration information and documents are highly confidential.

Offshore Company Registration Notes
1.In the offshore company registry, the first step is to fully understand the relevant tax regulations, foreign exchange control, financial policy and law of the registration place, and to choose the most suitable area for registration.
2. The enterprise should prevent or avoid the risk. In the choice of the offshore company, the first thing to do is to be familiar with the local laws or to consult with the attorney who has related work experience, so as to minimize the appearance of the unnecessary problems after registration.
3. When choosing a registration place, one should take the actual situation of the enterprise as well as the actual situation of the product sales into consideration. Be mindful not to choose the registration place with the tax relief system in a blindly way.
4. Select some qualified institutions and do not choose cheap intermediaries blindly, because in this case, the risk factor is relatively high. It’s important to measure the strength of intermediaries in a comprehensive way.

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