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Offshore Company Registration in Dubai

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Offshore company registration is regarded as a legal business set up with an offshore tax haven which is shielded by explicit legislation. The Offshore company formation in Dubai, UAE ensures special status for those companies that are formed under the jurisdiction. An offshore company in Dubai is given full tax evasion and operates under high level of privacy and security.

Basics about Offshore Company Formation in Dubai
You should also know about certain other regulations of the offshore company formation in Dubai which are as follows:

(1) An offshore company in Dubai cannot trade anywhere outside in UAE, other than Dubai only.
(2) Any offshore company in Dubai is not allowed to rent any local properties.
(3) The offshore companies in Dubai are required to submit financial statements after auditing. The audited financial statement should be submitted once every year to the state government of Dubai.

Key features of offshore company formation in Jebel Ali Free Zone
100% ownership allowed;
No requirement of minimum share capital;
Company can buy property in the UAE;
No taxation;
Asset Protection;
Protection from legal hassles;
No audit required;
Very less reporting requirements;
Can open bank accounts in UAE or several other countries;
No need to maintain an office;
All activities are allowed except financial activities like banking and insurance.

Who should incorporate a company in Dubai or in UAE
- For those who wants to create an offshore company to act as a holding company of the existing or proposed entity, owned by them;
- For those who have lots of companies in other jurisdictions around the world it is beneficial to create a holding company as an offshore company thereby saving or minimizing the taxes;
- For those who wants to open multi currency bank accounts in other countries;
- For those who wants to invest or buy assets/property another countries;
- For those who have privacy issues;
- Expatriates working abroad can utilize an offshore company to minimize tax liability in their home countries. The company where they are working can pay his/her salary at a reduced amount as to minimize the tax liability and the balance amount can be paid to the offshore company;
- It is advantages to open an offshore company for those residing in politically or otherwise unstable countries to protect their wealth.

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