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UK Corporate Formation

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UK corporate formation is also called UK company setup, UK business setup, UK company registration, UK company incorporation, UK business establishment and UK business registration. The the United Kingdom has an open, transparent and business-friendly system to encourage the formation of new businesses. No permission is required to establish a business presence in the UK, although there are regulations on the use of business names and certain business sectors which may require licenses or authorization. Setting up a business in the UK has been easier than in most other European countries.

Types of Business Structure in UK
(1) Sole Trader;
(2) Private Limited Company (LTD);
(3) Public Limited Company (PLC);
(4) Limited Liability Partnership (LLP);
(5) Guarantee Company (Non Profit).

Due to the limited liability, potential tax advantages and simplicity of operating as a limited company this is one of the most popular business structures in the UK. Once the company is incorporated, information regarding the filing history and current appointments is made public available on the Companies House register. This affords limited companies with a level of transparency which is regarded as a significant advantage when doing business.

Requirements for forming a Private Limited Company
(1) At least one director over the age of 16 must be appointed.
(2) The company must have a registered office in the UK.
(3) The company name must comply with Government regulations
(4) At least one share must be issued at the time of incorporation.

Other requirements:
1. Company Name
Company’s name must be in English only and ended up with “LTD” or “LIMITED”. Words like “INTERNATIONAL”, “INDUSTRY”, “INVESTMENT” etc. would be able to appear in the company name; but some sensitive words such as “loyal or princess” should be avoided.

2. Registered Capital
There is neither minimum nor maximum registered capital for an UK company, but 1,000 pounds is recommended to set up a new company.

3. Shareholders and Directors
Minimum one director and one shareholder at the age of 16 or above, nationality is not limited.

4. Registered Address of UK Corporate Formation
Every company to be incorporated in the UK must have a local registered office.

5. Business Activities
One of the most exciting events included in the formation of a UK company is free business scope; in principle Business scope is really not defined by the government for the business you conduct in UK business registration. Generally speaking, business scope is not really limited in UK Company.

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