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Vietnam Company Formation

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Vietnam company formation is a time-consuming process due to its complicated licensing procedures. Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country, bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, Thailand to the southwest, and the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia to the east and southeast.

With an estimated 92.7 million inhabitants as of 2016, it is the world's 14th-most-populous country, and the ninth-most-populous Asian country. Economic reforms are attracting foreign investors, export-orientated manufacturing industries. With an ample amount of cheap labor supply, Vietnam is a great option for investors who want to expand to the APAC region.

I. Entity Forms of Vietnam Company Formation
Under Vietnam Law, foreign investors are entitled to form Foreign Invested Company (“FIC”) under either of Wholly Foreign Invested Company or Joint Venture Company. Both of Wholly Foreign Invested Company and Joint Venture Company can be structured as Limited Liability Company or Joint Stock Company like other countries. In order to set up a FIC in Vietnam, foreign company must obtain an Investment Certificate (IC) which is equivalent to Certificate of Incorporation and Business License in Vietnam.

Foreign investor can set up a foreign company in Vietnam with following forms:
a. a foreign private company in Vietnam;
b. a foreign partnership company in Vietnam;
c. a foreign multi member limited liability company in Vietnam;
d. a foreign single member limited liability company in Vietnam;
e. a foreign shareholding company in Vietnam.

II. List of Documents for Setting Up a Foreign Company in Vietnam
1. Foreign company:
Business License of the Company in overseas;
Charter of the Company in  overseas;
Audited Financial Statement of the Company in overseas at least 02 year or Bank statement with total money equal charter capital to invest in Vietnam;
Passport of the legal representative of the Company in overseas;
Documents for capacity of the company: profile, history…;
Leasing contract.

2. Foreign Investor (Individual)
Passport of the individual investor;
Bank statement with total money equal charter capital to invest in Vietnam;
Leasing contract.

III. Basic Registration Procedures
1. Obtain certified copies of foreign documents;
2. Obtain consular legalized copies of foreign documents;
3. Obtain certified translation of documents;
4. Obtain authenticated copies of passports or Vietnamese ID cards;
5. Sign contract on office lease;
6. Obtain Investment Registration Certificate (IRC);
7. Obtain authenticated copies of IRC;
8. Obtain Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC);
9. Make seal and notify seal specimen;
10. Obtain notification of seal specimen publishing;
11. Obtain certificate of tax registration;
12. Open bank account;
13. Publish in National Business Registration Portal.

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