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Myanmar Company Registration

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Myanmar company registration is a good choice for any investor who wants to enter into Southeast Asia market. Given its favorable strategic geographic position, Myanmar has a high potential to become a vital trade hub and production base in the region comprising ASEAN, China and India.

Myanmar is a sovereign state in the region of Southeast Asia. It is bordered by India and Bangladesh to its west, Thailand and Laos to its east, and China to its north and northeast. Myanmar is a country rich in jade and gems, oil, natural gas and other mineral resources.

Types of company in Myanmar
Myanmar offers two options to foreign investors registering a business entity in Myanmar. Such business activities that need substantial investments as manufacturing, construction, mining, hotels & resorts, agriculture and transportation have to be registered under the Myanmar Foreign Investment Law (MFIL) through the Myanmar Investment Council (MIC).

The Myanmar Companies Act (MCA) allows foreign service providers to register companies for other services. MIC companies are offered tax and non-tax incentives, but require a greater amount of capitalization and slightly longer and more documentations required.

Entrepreneurs and investors are advised to register their company in the form most appropriate to their own needs and the needs of their business. Foreigners may register their company as a foreign company or as a branch of a foreign company. For some economic activities, foreigners may need to form a joint venture with a business owned by a citizen of Myanmar or with an institution based in Myanmar.

Minimum Capital Requirement
The minimum investment required by a foreign service company under the MCA is US$ 50,000. Half of this amount needs to be invested in the company upon approval of the incorporation application. The remaining half needs to be invested in the company within one year of incorporation.

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