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Poland Company Registration

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Poland company registration enjoys a number of benefits. Poland is the largest market in Central Europe, and is in fact larger than the other nine recent EU members put together. The central location of the country and its low labor costs are making company formation Poland very popular. There is a huge increase in foreign investment into the country. Below is a brief introduction to company registration in Poland.

Advantages for Company Registration in Poland
1. European Union membership and geographic location;
2. Economic stability of the country;
3. Attractive investment markets;
4. Poland is more than Warsaw;
5. Convenience in starting a business in Poland.

Main Types of Companies in Poland
There are four main types of companies for foreign investors who wish to set up business, including:
1. Limited Liability Company (sp. z o.o);
2. Joint Stock Company (S.A.);
3. Partnership;
4. Sole Proprietor.

Directors and Shareholders
Minimum number of directors is one. There is no restrictions on foreign shareholders. It is better to have minimum two shareholders, even of the second one is just a nominee shareholder, because it helps you to avoid payments for social funds (appr. 300 euros per month).

Minimal Share Capital
Minimal share capital of limited liability company is 5000PLN (about 1250 EURO), and you do not have to put this amount of money into the bank account (you can have it in cash). This minimal share capital becomes a capital of a new formed company, which many be freely used for company purposes after the incorporation.

Banking in Poland
Opening a Polish bank account for your Polish company is a relatively straightforward process which Tannet can assist you with. In order to open a corporate bank account for your Polish company, a face to face meeting with the bank may be required, this can however be completed by power of attorney.

Tannet’s services for Company Registration include:
1. Preparation of the articles of association;
2. Translator’s services;
3. Notary services (in notary company formation);
4. Preparation and submission of required documents to the incorporation authority;
5. Receipt of certificate of registration (statement from the State Court Register) - KRS;
6. Registration in tax authorities (NIP);
7. Receipt of certificate of VAT number, tax identification number VAT EU;
8. Registration in the Social Insurance Fund (ZUS);
9. Registration in the Statistical Department and receipt of REGON number;
10. Assistance in opening a bank account;
11. Company stamps.

Contact Us
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