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Egypt Company Incorporation

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Egypt company incorporation is becoming more and more attractive for investors. Egypt is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia. With over 92 million inhabitants, Egypt is the most populous country in North Africa and the Arab world. Modern Egypt is considered to be a regional and middle power, with significant cultural, political, and military influence in North Africa, the Middle East and the Muslim world.

Egypt's economy is one of the largest and most diversified in the Middle East, and is projected to become one of the largest in the 21st century. Egypt is becoming a more attractive place to set up business. It receives more foreign investment than any other country in North Africa, and it is vital to Middle East and African business.

Advantages of Egypt Company Incorporation
1. Egypt offers competitive corporate tax rates. Corporate tax is generally 20%, however this varies depending on the industry. Other industries are tax exempt, for example agriculture and tourism related companies;
2. The General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) is the governing body on foreign investment. They assist international investors facilitate their investments within Egypt;
3. There are specific free zones providing a variety of incentives and benefits;
4. Investors are free to repatriate the capital and profits which originate from Egypt.

Company Name
The trade name of the limited liability company is usually derived from its object, but may also include the name(s) of one or more of its partners. Additionally, the words 'Limited Liability Company' must be included in the name. Certain words are prohibited such as names suggesting the patronage of any Government or country.

Directors and Shareholders
1. At least one director must be of Egyptian nationality.
2. Only one director is required.
3. There are no nationality or residence restrictions on other directors.
4. The director can be a person or a corporation.

1. Shareholders may be of any nationality and may reside anywhere.
2. Two shareholders are required.
3. No more than 50 shareholders.
4. The shareholder can be a person or a corporation.

Incorporating An LLC in Egypt
The founding shareholders of the company must submit an application requesting permission to incorporate a limited liability company. The ministerial decision implementing the Commercial Companies Law outlines the mandatory provisions that must be included in the Memorandum of Association.

The company is incorporated once it is registered in the Commercial Register. The company must also maintain a Register of Partners in its head office, which must contain the names, nationalities, domiciles and occupations of the partners; the number of shares owned by each partner; the sum paid by each; and the assignment or transfer of shares and related relevant information.

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