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Laos Company Registration Advantages

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Laos company registration enjoys a number of advantages. Lao PDR’s investment policy has been formulated with a view to invite and encourage domestic and foreign investment in Lao PDR. In 2009, the law on investment promotion was formulated with primary focus on allowing domestic and foreign investors to conveniently and quickly conduct their business operation in Lao PDR.

The government promotes the investment in all sectors and all areas throughout the country except areas and business operations which are detrimental national security, the natural environment, public health and the national culture.

Advantages to Invest in Laos
1. Political and economic stability;
2. A lot of abundant water resources and natural resources including mineral, sources of energy, forests, which could be developed through proper technology and converted to commodities for export into the international markets;
3. Low cost competitive workforce;
4. Laos is situated in an economic growth area, sharing borders and common interests with Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and China;
5. Lao PDR is a land-link country which has access to ASEAN market with the population of 500 million including southern part of China;
6. The Lao government established special economic zones;
7. The enactment of laws on investment promotion, business, labor and etc;
8. Lao is Eligible for Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) from 42 countries and Normal Trade Relation (NTR) with the USA because it considered as a least developed country. In addition, countries like European Community and Japan have granted Laos trading privileges such as tax exemption on imports where more than 200 listed items are under a special quota. Therefore, Lao products can access the global markets with lower tariffs or completely duty free;
9. Prices now rely on market value and enable the private sector to determine water rates and set prices itself;
10. Laos provides investors with various tax incentives including tax exemption, tax holiday, no import tax for raw materials to be processed and re-export and no tax for export.

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