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Laos Corporate Formation Process

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Laos corporate formation, also known as Laos business setup, Laos company establishment, Laos business incorporation, need to go through several steps. Some business activities require special approval from a specific agency. Business registrations involving these activities may be subject to additional approvals by the agency responsible which may result in a short delay. Below is a brief introduction to the registration procedure in Laos.

I. Forms of Investment
1. Joint Venture between foreign and domestic investors
A joint venture between domestic and foreign investors is a joint investment between domestic and foreign investors who conduct business operations, have shared their property owned and have established a new legal entity under the law of Lao PDR.

2. Businesses Investment by contract
A business investment by contract is a business arrangement between domestic and foreign legal entities defined in the agreement without establishing a new legal entity or branch office in the Lao PDR.

3. Wholly domestic and foreign owned investment
A wholly domestic and foreign owned investment is a wholly investment by a domestic or a foreign investor that can be only one or more in the enterprise or project in Lao PDR.

II. NewCo Registration Procedures in Laos
Step 1: Apply for/obtain an Investment license and Enterprise Registration Certificate
The following documents shall be provided by investors:
(1) Investment Application Form;
(2) Articles of Association/Bylaws of the companies to be established;
(3) Feasibility study/Business plan;
(4) Joint Venture Agreement (for a Joint Company to be established);
(5) Appendices to Application Form;
(6) Investor’s Curriculum Vitae, Passport Copy (for foreigner) and for Lao investor, copy of ID and family book, 6 copies of 3X4 photo;
(7) Bank Statement/Financial Statement (certifying investment solvency);
(8) Letter of Authorization/Power of Attorney (if necessary).

Step 2: Apply for/Obtain a Tax Registration Certificate
The following documents are required:
(1) Application letter to the Tax Department, requesting Tax registration;
(2) Beginning balance sheet;
(3) Copy of Investment License;
(4) Copy of Enterprise Registration Certificate;
(5) Bank statement from a local bank for cash-only registered capital;
(6) List of personnel staff employed by the company.

Step 3: Apply for/Obtain a Company seal
The following documents are required:
(1) Copy of Investment License;
(2) Copy of Enterprise Registration Certificate;
(3) Copy of Tax Registration Certificate (issued by Tax Department).

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