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Poland Company Incorporation

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Poland company incorporation, also known as Poland corporate formation or Poland business setup, refers to incorporate a company in Poland. The most popular company in Poland is Limited Liability Company (LLC), which is also widely accepted by foreign investors. If the client who uses his Chinese company as shareholder to incorporate the new Polish company, we recommend to register the LLC or branch.

With associates in Poland, Tannet is able to offer professional consulting and juridical services in company formation process and maintenance after the company will be established. We also help in getting all permissions and licenses if it is required.

Brief introduction to a LLC and a branch
Limited liability company may be established for any purpose allowed by law (including conducting a business) unless other is provided by acts. A limited liability company is a legal entity with a separate legal personality from its owners /shareholders. The minimum share capital of limited liability company is 5.000 zl that is around 1.250 EUR and it must to be covered before the registration of the company. The minimum share capital becomes a capital of a new formed company, which after the incorporation may be freely used for company purposes.

On the other hand, a branch in Poland is essentially an extension of the parent company incorporated in another country. This is an excellent choice for international companies that want to expand their activities to Poland and control the actions of their office in the country. The branch must have the same business activities as the foreign company, it cannot make different business actions. This business form is a part of the foreign entity, it is not a legal entity and any action or liability of the branch in Poland will directly affect the foreign company.

Basics about business setup in Poland
1. We need the company's director + shareholder information, company registration information, along with company's address information, all need to be notarized in the client's local city. We also need the company's power of attorney.

2. For company registration, the minimum investment capital is 5000 PLN (around 1250 euro). We provide legal address (virtual address) services , and the client does not need a physical location for the company registration if he doesn’t have one. There is no restrictions for company registration, anyone with a valid passport has the right to register a company in Poland.

3. The company director shall open the bank account by visiting Warsaw Poland. We can assist the client to open one bank account. Client can deposit 5000 PLN (around 1250 euro) into the company bank account, or more.

4. Individuals who are resident in Poland are subject to tax on their worldwide income. Limited taxation applies to those individuals who are not resident in Poland. Nonresidents may be taxed solely on income received in Poland. The company income tax in Poland is one of the lowest in Europe, being rated at 19%. Partnerships are not subject to corporate income tax in Poland.

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