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Dubai Business Setup

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Dubai business setup can be a daunting process for new investors. Business licensing and trade licensing issuance can be a lethargic process for the investors. Tannet’s associates can take the responsibility of getting all your necessary documentation done with full compliance and up to your satisfaction. We are here to help in facilitating you with a cost effective business/company setup in Dubai UAE.

Key Benefits for Dubai Business Setup
No corporate tax;
No income tax;
No capital gains tax;
No property tax;
No wealth tax;
Low property transaction cost;
Ease of access to home and corporate finance.

Common Types of Company Incorporation in UAE
1. A General Partnership Company
A partnership Business/Company Setup can have two or more partners investing in the same business where the profit gained is shared equally among them. Each partner is liable equally for all the liabilities, including tax, duties and other deductibles.

2. Public Shareholding Company
It is a type of company where the investment is divided into equally negotiable shares. Each shareholder in the company is liable to a limited number of shares owned by him. The minimum investment required in a public shareholding company is about 10million AED.

3. Private Shareholding Company
Incorporation of a private shareholding company in the UAE requires a minimum of 3 persons investing in the business. A private shareholding company is not allowed to invite the public for buying its shares. The minimum capital required for investing in a private shareholding company is 2 million AED.

4. Joint Venture Company
It is that business where two or more partners mutually agree in sharing the profits as well as the losses incurred by their business. The contract for such partnership need not to be notarized and can also be just an oral commitment among the partners.

5. Limited Liability Company (LLC)
A limited liability company can be formed with 51% shares for the local UAE residents and 49% shares for the expatriates.

6. Free zone Company
A free zone company gives 100% ownership to the investor with extreme liberty in taxation and other deductibles.

Documents Required for Registering A LLC in Dubai
1. Investor’s passport copy;
2. Local Sponsor’s passport copy;
3. Manager’s Passport copy;
4. NOC letter from the sponsor if the partner or the Manger has a residence visa in the UAE;
5. Registration application form from Economic Department;
6. Trade name reservation;
7. Initial approval from Economic Department Tenancy contract for the Office/warehouse or showroom attested by planning department and civil defence department of Dubai municipality along with location plan;
8. Memorandum of Association duly attested from public notary.

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