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Dubai Company Registration Advantages (FZ)

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Dubai company registration (FZ) refers to free zone company formation in Dubai, which is a complicated process varying from one free zone to the other. A free zone is that particular geographical area which has different laws and regulations for the new comers in Dubai for investment. A free zone is also alternatively known as a duty free zone, tax free zone or a free economic zone. Their laws are different from those investors who are permanently residing in UAE. Each free zone in Dubai is independent, having their own free zone authority registration procedure.

The free zones have been set up with the specific purpose of facilitating investment. The procedures for investing in the zones are relatively simple, which are suitable for those who need company setup in UAE to use UAE as a regional manufacturing or distribution base, with the bulk of their business outside the UAE.

Despite all these services given for your free zone company formation, the investors still need some professional consultancy regarding the smooth settlement of your business in Dubai free zone. Tannet, with professional and reliable associate in Dubai, is proud of offering state of the art consultancy in your Dubai free zone company formation. We can assist you about everything related to your free zone company formation in UAE.

Major Advantages of Investing in Dubai Free Zone
1. The investors get 100% percent.
2. There is no tax liability on corporate gains and any kind of personal incomes through the registered business.
3. 100% guarantee of repatriation of capital and profits.
4. The business investors are also fully exempted from any kind of import and export duties.
5. The investors get ready made factories, warehouses, offices and licensing procedure.
6. The investors are served through single window clearance of all the sophisticated procedure. It means that one state government office provides all the services including visa, licensing, taxation, registration and postal services.

Free Zone Incentives
100% foreign ownership;
100% tax free;
100% repatriation of capital and profits;
Freedom from corporate taxation for 50 year;
Exemption from all import and export duties;
Efficient recruitment procedures ensuring the availability of a skilled and experienced workforce;
Liberal bank account opening and maintaining;
Multi currency bank accounts can be opened;
Offers UAE residence visas;
Quick setup in 2-3 working days.

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