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Netherlands Company Registration

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Netherlands company registration, also known as Netherlands corporate formation, Neitherlands business setup, is a good choice to enter into European market. Netherlands (also known informally as Holland) is a country in Western Europe with a population of about seventeen million. Netherlands has a developed economy and has been playing a special role in the European economy for many centuries. It has a high level of economic freedom. In addition, the country was ranked the third most innovative in the world in the 2017 Global Innovation Index.

To incorporate a company in Holland, the B.V. (BeslotenVennootschap - private company) option may be the best solution for most foreign owners. By incorporating such a kind of NewCo, a Dutch bank account and Dutch VAT number are also more quickly obtained. This option can be set up in entirely from abroad. In addition, it only takes a couple of days and a few simple steps.

Advantages and Basics of a B.V. Company
1. The minimum deposit is EUR 0,01 and there is no maximum deposit;
2. There can be one or multiple shareholders;
3. Shareholder(s) can be one or more persons and/or companies;
4. Within the company, there must be at least one director and he/she does not have to be a local person or company;
5. The shareholders are not responsible for the debts of the B.V. company;
6. It’s easy to appoint one or more shareholders at a later stage;
7. It’s easy to sell the shares of a B.V. company at any time.

Taxation in Netherlands
The Netherlands, a nation of traders, has always been open and welcoming to foreign companies. As a result, the Dutch taxation system contains a lot of incentives that stimulate doing business. Also investment in the Netherlands and immigration of foreign employees is stimulated due to the dutch taxation.

Other advantages regarding taxation are:
1. Double taxation on international activities can usually be avoided as the Netherlands have a large tax treaty network.
2. The Netherlands has a very favourable tax treatment for companies that are foreign-owned.  There are no withholding taxes on interest and royalties, and usually a full (to zero) or partial reduction of withholding taxes on dividend applies.
3. The innovation box, together with other R&D possibilities, provides for a highly attractive tax regime for those activities.
4. Expatriates with specific expertise may also benefit from a 30 per cent tax free allowance on Dutch wage tax.

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