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Netherlands Company Incorporation

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How to incorporate a BV in Netherlands
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Netherlands company incorporation can also refer to Netherlands business setup, Netherlands company registration. The Dutch B.V. (hereinafter: "BV') is the most frequently used legal entity in the Netherlands for conducting business activities. Dutch company law has changed effective as per 1 October 2012. As a result thereof the procedure to incorporate a BV has been strongly simplified and the cost of incorporation have significantly reduced.

Basics about A Dutch BV
1. Company Name
It is advisable to check whether the company name or a similar name has already been registered as a trade name or trademark, as in that case the holders of such prior registrations may force the company to change its name afterwards. The company name must begin or end with the letters 'BV'.

2. Legal Form
A "BV' is a private company with limited liability; in Dutch: "Besloten Vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid". In comparison to other jurisdictions, the BV has similar features as the German "GmbH", the American "LLC", or the English "Ltd". The BV has legal personality and it has an equity divided into shares.

3. Minimum Capital
The minimum capital requirement for a Dutch BV has been abolished per 1 October 2012.

4. Registered Address
There are no legal requirements for a BV to have substance in the Netherlands. The only legal requirement is is that the BV has a Dutch registered address.

From a tax perspective it is highly recommendable to have at least a Dutch registered address and a majority of Dutch resident directors. This is generally perceived as the minimum substance requirement to qualify for treaty benefits.

How to Incorporate a BV in Netherlands
The steps of registering a BV in Netherlands are as follows:
Step 1: Providing all necessary information to our company for the incorporation.
(1) Full information on shareholders and directors of the future Dutch company;
(2) Passport copies of shareholders (if natural persons), directors, and UBO's (Ultimate Beneficial Owners) if applicable;
(3) Apostilled Company Trade Register Extracts (Statutes issued by the Companies House) if the shareholders are other foreign companies.

Step 2: Visit a Dutch Public Notary to sign company incorporation documents or sign the documents abroad and send them in original to Tannet’s Dutch associate company's address. In the latter case these documents will be supplied by our side and will have to be properly legalized. Nevertheless in this case your visit in Holland will not be necessary.

Step 3: File for incorporation with the Dutch Trade Registry.
Before starting your Dutch business, the name of the new Dutch firm has to be checked at the Chamber of Commerce to see if it is acceptable in accordance to the Dutch Law. Then, the name can be  reserved and the investor will receive a certificate for that name. After that, he/she must open a bank account and deposit the minimum capital share.

After you registered the firm in the Netherlands, the owner should hire an accountant for assistance with the taxes, audit and financial consultancy.

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