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Russian Company Registration (LLC)

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Russian company registration is also known as Russian business setup, Russian company formation. Generally speaking, a limited liability company (LLC, or OOO in Russian) is the best option for your business entity in Russia. Unlike establishing a branch or representative office of a foreign company in Russia, an LLC is a full legal Russian entity and will be governed by Russian law and policy.

Requirements of a LLC
1. Participants
A limited liability company (LLC) may be established by one or more individuals or legal entities (“participants”). An LLC may not have as its sole participant another business entity consisting of a single person.

2. Registered capital
The minimum charter capital of a limited liability company should come to at least RUB 10,000. The full amount of the charter capital amount must be paid within 4 months of the registration date.

Contributions may be made in cash or in-kind, and certain customs benefits may be available for in-kind contributions made by foreign investors. The charter capital may be increased only after the original charter capital has been paid in full.

Required Information for Registering a LLC
Activities connected with the state registration of LLCs and with their registration as taxpayers in Russia are currently under the auspices of the local tax inspectorates. The following documents are required for registration purposes:

1. The application for the state registration of the new entity.
2. The foundation agreement of the LLC (if the LLC has more than one founder/participant).
3. The protocol of the founders’ meeting or, if the LLC has only one founder, the resolution of the founder in the establishment of the LLC.
4. The Charter of the LLC.
5. Power of Attorney issued by the founder for filing the application for the state registration of the LLC.
6. The registration certificate, Certificate of Incorporation, an excerpt from the trade register, or certificate of good standing of the foreign participant.
7. The Charter (Articles of Association, By-laws) of the foreign participant.
8. Confirmation of payment of the state registration fee.

Note: All documents from a foreign legal entity must be notarized and legalized in the country of preparation. Any document supplied in a language other than Russian must be accompanied by a notarized Russian translation.

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