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Certification of Well-known Trademark in Guangdong

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Certification of well-known trademark in Guangdong province, China will be closed on March 31, 2018. Therefore, those who are going to apply for the certification should seize the time. The "well-known trademark" refers to a trademark widely known by the relevant public and highly reputable in China. Well-known trademark is offered a broader scope of protection, which is not limited to the designated goods and services covered by the registration. Before applying for the certification, you would better to see if you are eligible. Tannet collects the major conditions on applicant for you reference.

Conditions on Applicant
According to the provisions of certification and management of wells-known trademark in Guangdong, the following conditions should be met:

1. The applicant shall be the owner who applies for the certification of trademark, and who is the legal person or other organization legally established within the administrative area of the province or the natural person whose household registration is in the administrative region of Guangdong province.

In case the mark is co-registered by two or more natural persons, legal persons or other organizations, all trademark registrants shall make the application jointly, and each applicant shall comply with the above provisions.

2. The trademark applied for certification shall be used for 3 years continuously from the date of  certification.

3. The trademark shall be well known to the relevant public and has a high reputation in the related market.

4. The product of the well-known trademark has good quality and good reputation.

5. The main economic indicators (including the annual sales volume, turnover, net profits and tax payment, etc.) that have been applied for the identification of well-known trademarks in recent 3 years take the lead in the same industry in Guangdong province, and the sales area is relatively extensive.

6. In case products of the mark applied for the identification of well-known trademark are for export, the mark shall be registered in the relevant countries (regions) and have a wide range of sales areas.

7. The applicant has not been punished for violating the relevant laws and regulations regarding trademark management, production and operation, labor security, environmental protection, and safety production in the past 3 years.

8. The applicant has a sound system for the use, management and protection of the trademark.

If you are seeking to obtain well-known trade marks in China, better management of evidence is always important, since the sufficiency of evidence especially related to use and reputation of the mark in China for each year in each region and on each type of products or services is always a core factor affecting the chances of success of the certification.

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