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Hainan Investment Overview

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Hainan is the smallest and southernmost province of China, consisting of various islands in the South China Sea. This island province, is again becoming a global focal point as the annual Boao Forum for Asia unfolds with political leaders, academics and entrepreneurs. Hainan is endowed with an abundance of agricultural crops. As an important tropical fruit production and seed-breeding base, Hainan is rich in tropical crops. Tourism is an important industry within the sector.

Hainan Cultivating High-tech Agriculture
Hainan is increasingly working to hasten agricultural supply side structural reforms, speed up the development of the sector's modernization and strengthen tropical agriculture. The province is restructuring its agricultural sector by reducing low-efficiency industries and products such as sugar cane and eucalyptus. Instead, it is expanding higher quality produce varieties such as winter vegetables and melons, sweet potatoes, pineapples, grapefruits and cherry tomatoes.

Hainan will accelerate agricultural standardization to realize comprehensive high efficiency production. It will cultivate 30 leading sectors in planting, aquaculture and processing while developing 30 key products to upgrade the competitiveness of quality Hainan farm produce.

Hainan Tourism Options Blossom
Many opportunities have come Boao’s way through the years as Hainan has worked to develop tourism as a pillar industry. The province rose to become an international tourism destination and in 2016 became the nation’s first pilot zone for integrated tour planning across the whole province, a kind of supply-side reform in the tourism sector.

To advance its integrated tourism development, Hainan is speeding up the construction of tourist cities, special feature towns and beautiful villages. The province will promote rural tourism through 100 special feature towns and 1,000 villages. Rural tourism in Hainan is also in full swing. Last year, 9.5 million tourists visited the island’s rural areas, accounting for 14 percent of visitors - year-on-year growth of 16.8 percent. They brought in more than 2.8 billion yuan.

Hainan Vows to Expand Global Influence
Hainan always has been a pioneer in reform and opening-up, with Boao serving as a bridge to the outside world. Being the country’s only provincial-level special economic zone, Hainan will accelerate the building of an open economy, advance international industrial cooperation and enhance the development of service businesses as a national pilot zone.

Hainan, which marks its 30th anniversary as a province - the country’s newest - on April 13, is ready to embrace a new era for opening-up. Hainan has established sister relationships with 56 overseas provinces and cities worldwide, including Hawaii in the United States, South Korea’s Jeju special autonomous province, Canada’s Prince Edward Island, Finland’s Oulu province and the state of Penang in Malaysia.

A provincial government report said Hainan will create greater opportunities for both Chinese and overseas firms in its pillar industries including tropical high-efficiency agriculture, tourism, the internet and marine industries, each of which is forecast to generate more than 100 billion yuan ($15.9 billion) in annual output by 2020.

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