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Hong Kong Investment Guide

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Hong Kong is one of the world's most significant financial centres, with the highest Financial Development Index score and consistently ranks as the world's most competitive and freest economic entity. As the world's 8th largest trading entity, its legal tender, the Hong Kong dollar, is the world's 13th most traded currency. As the world's most visited city, Hong Kong's tertiary sector dominated economy is characterised by simple taxation with competitively corporate tax and supported by its independent judiciary system.

Free Market Economy
Hong Kong was once described by Milton Fiedman as the world's greatest experiment in laissez-faire capitalism, although there have been a number of regulations introduced since then. Still, the country has ranked the freest countries in the world on the Index of Economic Freedom for every year since 1995 - before it was even independent.

Hong Kong now hosts the seventh largest stock exchange in the world, the largest initial public offering market in the world, and has one of the greatest concentrations of corporate headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region. Perhaps even more staggering, over 8% of its households own at least one million U.S. dollars in net worth.

Hong Kong Investment Advantages
There are many benefits and risks associated with investing in Hong Kong that investors should carefully consider. While the country certainly represents an attractive investment destination on the surface, there are many factors that could make it a riskier investment during financial crisis, such as the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997.

Benefits of investing in Hong Kong include:
Leading Global Economy. Hong Kong is the freest country and perhaps the most important financial center in the world;
Proximity to Asian Growth. Many of the world's largest economies moving forward will be based in Asia, which puts Hong Kong in a strong geographical position.

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