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China Trademark Transfer

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Transfer of a trade mark takes place when the owner of a registered trademark passes the ownership to another person or legal entity and the transfer of trademark is either paid or unpaid. A trademark transfer caused by merger, annex or judgment by a court can also is viewed as trademark assignment.

Trademark holders can dispose trademark right either by assignment or by licensing. The transfer of trademark should get approval from trademark office. After approval, an assigned trademark can be publicized on the Trademark Gazette. The assignee enjoys the exclusive right to use the trademark since the date of publication.

China Trademark Transfer - Required Documents
A copy of China trademark certificate of registration, Business Registrations (BR) or ID cards of transferor and transferee, Notarized China trademark transfer agreement, Contact (including telephone, fax, and email).

Requirement Time (Upon the complete documents)
It usually takes around 10 months to assign a trademark.

China Trademark Transfer - Procedure (steps)
1. Provide the document files.
2. Send the trademark transfer & invoice letter.
3. Confirm the trademark transfer application, sign an entrustment agreement and power of attorney for trademark renewal application, and pay the bill.
4. Submit the files to China Trademark Office.
5. A Trademark Transfer Acceptance Notice will be received in about one month upon   submission of the application.
6. A substantive examination will be made by China Trademark Office within eight months accept the transfer application.
7. The trademark transfer will be approved by China Trademark Office if pass the substantive examination.
8. Get the trademark transfer certificate.

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