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Due Diligence & Transaction Advisory

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The due diligence is a lengthy and complex process that requires a deep knowledge of various industries and local tax systems to enable a proper risk assessment and determination of transaction structure. Based on the transaction type and the industry of the companies involved, our expert team may offer support in the following areas:

Tax and financial due diligence;
Legal due diligence;
Labour law due diligence;
Commercial due diligence.

Moreover, in order to obtain the most accurate results, the analysis should include also full tax and legal advisory which helps the buyer or the seller to use efficiently the information received. After the due diligence is performed our consultancy services will help you to:

Identify opportunities and tax efficient financing solutions,
Reduce transaction costs,
Reduce future tax liabilities of the transaction,
Plan the holding and cash repatriation structures
Restructure your investments
Preserve and enhance the existing tax attributes
Efficiently integrate a new acquisition into an existing group

We are aware of the complexity of due diligence process, our consultancy is rendered with the support of our internal team of lawyers.

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