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Tannet’s Services

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We can say we are the information porters, knowledge porters and wisdom porters. Through direct operation and joint venture - two development models, Tannet provides business incubation, commercial operation, business management, offshore investment, policy training guide and platform operation for global enterprises. Content services mainly include the registration and cancellation of the enterprises, annual tax returns, documents, financial taxation, trademark patents, investment and listing. Model services are mainly in consulting research, design planning, training guidance, outsourcing, incubation and implementation.

1. Business Incubation Service
Tannet business incubator provides comprehensive entrepreneurship and innovation incubation services. It includes the three-stage service - before, during and after the establishment of the enterprise. Pre-establishment services include personal assessment report, industry analysis, market research, business plan, venture capital investment and exchange information. Services in the creation process include industrial and commercial registration, company registration, establishment of market/investment subject, establishment of international framework, corporate equity structure design, contract/articles of association design, opening bank account, import and export approval, trademark registration, domain name registration and website production. Post-establishment services include trade logistics, annual tax returns, acting bookkeeping, internal audit kernel, permit permit, notarization of law, international certification, consular endorsement services, ISO quality system identification, intellectual property standards, various certifications such as specific safety standards & Hi-tech enterprise qualification, alteration/transfer/ recovery and reorganization of an enterprise, company cancellation, etc.

2. Business Operation Service
Tannet business operation machine focuses on business model design and business model operation. Model operation includes capital operation, industry operation, project operation, brand operation, team operation, marketing, image, culture operation and value transformation operation. The main form shows in the business model design and profit model design. Due diligence (investment, law works, finance, personnel, marketing, credit, business affairs), feasibility study report, analysis report of a profession, business plan design, CIVI planning, invitation for bids/tender; reform and recombination, merger & acquisition design and negotiation, contract agreement drafting, special enterprise consultant; Investment/financing/listing solution, listing frame design/VIE/red chip, monetary license/financial services; Various of documents, strategy plan, management planning/solutions. Tannet's management, investment and financing service can also be seen as a corporate consultant or doctor or nanny service.

3. Enterprise Management Service
Tannet management thrusters provides macro and micro management services. Macro management includes time and space management, standardized and processized management, strategic and tactical management, balanced management of yin-yang and so on. Micromanagement includes functional and intelligent management, capitalized management, management by projects and models, task-based and humanized management, humanization and personnel management. At present, we mainly provide financial and tax management planning, legal risk management, business/tax/legal consultancy, asset management/protection, asset/equity trust, inheritance of family assets, family office; smart intelligence manegement/solutions and other services.

4. Offshore Investment Service
Tannet's offshore investment department is engaged in investment cooperation and investment services. Investment cooperation includes venture capital investment, equity investment, project investment, talent investment and technology investment. Tannet's investment target is mainly the intelligent industry of high-tech direction within the industrial chain, or the subject matter of primary market and secondary market with investment value. Investment services mainly help business owners to go out, bring in investors, make it easier for investors to manage investment and financing across borders and industries. Specific services include foreign investment main body design/frame design, design and manufacture of sino-foreign joint venture/cooperation contract/the articles of association of the cooperation. due diligence (business affairs, finance, market, credit, third party management ability survey, customer satisfaction investigation). feasibility study report, analysis report of a profession, corporate compliance report, team building exercise, offshore project cooperation, real estate negotiation and transfer.

5. Consulting & Training Service
Tannet provides this service in two ways: by its own advisors and by external institutional experts. The self-established integrated consulting and guidance service is different from the traditional training service. We will make full use of our advantages in consulting and planning, combine consulting, planning, training and coaching together. It forms a unique new integrated service mode of consultation and guidance, also a developmental accelerator. Tannet synchronously cooperates with Tsinghua university, Peking University, Renmin University of China or relevant cooperative organizations to do well in the docking training of enterprise management personnel. Training areas include humanities & personnel, thinking & behavior, entrepreneurship and innovation, operating management, investment and financing, IPO, finance/accounting/audit/tax, asset management, capital operation, industry operation, intelligent culture guide. We can also set the corresponding mode and content of policy guidance according to the needs of enterprises and individuals.

6. Platform Operation Service (Citilink Industrial Alliance, Alliance for short)
Tannet founded the intercity industry alliance platform six years ago. Member organizations are established through alliance ambassadors, alliance directors, industry directors, intercity directors and block chain executive chairmen to promote inter-city, inter-industry and inter-enterprise business development in five sectors: joint venture cooperation, co-create sharing, supply and demand matching, linkage interaction and intelligent integration. Tannet's customers can upgrade to become members of the alliance, get more comprehensive and higher-end services. At the same time, the league also holds various activities to let everyone integrate resources, gather wisdom, play their respective advantages, expand contacts and make group development. In the cloud world of big data and big wisdom, human intelligence integration and artificial intelligence development have boosted the development of alliance platform. The alliance platform will focus on the development and operation of members in the future, pay attention to information knowledge, wisdom data , and sharing of resources, office space & circulation facilities. Truly realize a new cooperative pattern of joint operation linkage, alternating current transaction, mutual visits & mutual sales. Create a new situation that everyone contributes 1% and everyone shares 100%.

Tannet is based in the greater bay area, back to greater China, connecting Hong Kong-Macau-Taiwan, facing Asia Pacific, across the whole world. Tannet is a business service provider, enterprise intelligence integrator, industrial value investor and intercity platform operators. We will make it easier to start and innovate, and easier to manage investment and financing. 

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For further queries, you are welcome to visit Tannet’s websites, or call the Hong Kong hotline at 852-27826888, China hotline at 86-755-82143422, 86-755-82143181, and Malaysia hotline at 603-21100289, or e-mail us at

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