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Business Operator's Service

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The business operation refers to day-to-day running of corporate businesses, with a strong value orientation, including any business events, commercial activities, investment projects, for the purpose of generating profits and investment return. After business setup, the instant tasks to face are business operation and follow up activities. Business operations encompass three fundamental management imperatives: generate recurring income; increase the value of the business assets; secure the income and value of the business. The three imperatives are interdependent. In this sense, business operation is the execution of the business model.

If we want to run a business successfully, we need a lot of factors supporting this success. These factors may be tangible or intangible, but should be generating recurring income or profit. Theses running factors are referred to business running workshop, business flow and process, information and intelligence service, business mediator’s orientation, industrial value chain design, business model design, market and marketing, brand name promotion, project and plan enforcement, resource integration and exchange, capital and asset value added, teamwork and team task, etc. Tannet can provide corresponding services for each of these factors.

Tannet’s business running include both basic tangible business running and high end (intangible) business running. Basic tangible business running service refer to commercial and trade logistics, mainly providing legal secretarial and commercial secretarial supporting services for offshore virtual enterprises. High end business running services mean brand planning. Brand planning is to establish an enterprise strategy with the core of shaping strong brands, so as to upgrade brand building to enterprise management strategy. Tannet has a professional team who are surely help clients figure out satisfying solutions.


Business Running Workshop
Business running workshop is a great way to increase business incubation success rate and business survival possibility. The focus of a good workshop is building basic understandings, teaching key concepts, and allowing practice of some useful skills. When you are running workshops, finding and securing space can be time consuming and often frustrating as each type of venue is different and may not always suit your specific needs.

As a business entity with 18 years of development, Tannet has successfully helped over 60,000 clients from different countries and industries start and develop their business. We have plenty of practices so that we are able to mentor enterprises better develop and grow. As for the service fee, we may charge at the hourly rate, by month, on the annual basis, or by times.

Business Flow and Process
Business flow, also called business process, is the process in which tasks in a business take place. It is the steps in the business process from start to finish ensuring objectives and goals of the company are met. Business flow allows employers and employees the knowledge needed for understanding the unique business process of the company they work for or run. It allows these individuals to understand the business requirements and helps determine areas where the company needs improvements. Business flow includes many several aspects, as shown below:

Capital flow: refer to the movement of money for the purpose of investment, trade or business production, including the flow of capital within corporations in the form of investment capital, capital spending on operations and research and development (R&D). This is of great importance in terms of tax issues, like reasonable tax evasion.

Commodities flow (and warehouse): is a part of the supply chain, in order to meet the needs of customers of goods, services and related information from the origin place to the consumption. It is a  process of planning, implementation and control with high efficiency and low cost flow. Tannet owns many actual warehouses, which is conducive to new starters who are engaged in this field.

Paperwork flow: is a matter of standardization. The function of paperwork (bill) flow is to use and manage the bills in the process of enterprise operation, standardize the process of bill delivery, improve the control and signing of each operation link, thus controlling the operation process control and ensuring the completeness of statistical data.

Information and Intelligence
Information and intelligence are important for enterprise’s survival and development. Since competitiveness is the fundamental weapon to defeat the opponent and is an important foundation for the survival and development of enterprises. If you know well about your competitors, you’ll be more likely to defeat them.

Through years of development, Tannet has established a comprehensive database, business brain base (BBB), think tank and data exchange platform. In light with the importance of business information and intelligence, We can provide industrial policy analysis service, supply and demand (S&D) matchmaking service, website design, consultants service, market data collection and competitiveness analysis.

Business Mediator’s Orientation
TANNET Group Limited is a multi-national and multi-functional market entity with 6 systematic functional businesses and 20 professional service departments. Over the 18 year development, Tannet has developed an integrated business system and also built up a borderless, cross-industry, one-stop and personalized business service platform. In the current stage, Tannet’s major role is a commodity mediator, a service mediator and a information mediator, with services across various aspects of trade and exchange (like information exchange and office exchange, etc). Tannet is a crucial partner for enterprises in their business placement and business positioning.

Industrial Value Chain Design
A value chain is a set of activities that a firm operating in a specific industry performs in order to deliver a valuable product or service for the market. Every enterprise is a collection of activities in the process of designing, producing, selling, sending and assisting its products. All of these activities can be illustrated in a value chain. Industrial value chain includes many aspects, to name only a few.

Supply chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer. An efficient supply chain management process requires suppliers that are reliable. Tannet has established Citilinkia, which is a development and operation platform, aiming at creating interactive exchanges, mutual cooperation and win-win situation. With Citilinkia, enterprises are able to find reliable and proper partners to exchange resources and integrate strengths, thus achieving S&D match making.

Business Model Design
Business operation is the operation of the main body through the model design, model innovation and model practice, by using the commercial competitive advantage in order to create more value of the operation process. Sometimes the business model is often more important than the commodity itself.

Business mode can include: thinking mode and behavior patterns, business model and profit model, business model and management model, development model and value-added model, work mode and cooperation mode, communication mode and consulting mode. Tannet’s Business Operations Center specializes in providing these business models for research, planning, hatching, implementation and other modes of operation services.

Market and Marketing
How will you communicate a meaningful difference about your business idea (product or service) to the people who might be most interested in buying it? Through market study, of course. Market study is one of the key factors used in maintaining competitiveness over competitors and awareness of customer needs otherwise known as the changing basis of competition. Market research provides important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition.

Market and marketing operation is the business operation which uses methods and ways to help the enterprises promote their businesses and increase sales. Typically, market and marketing operation is the function responsible for marketing performance measurement, strategic planning guidance and execution, budgeting, process development, professional development, and marketing systems and data. The purpose of marketing operations is to increase marketing efficiency (client’s feedback) and organizational agility. As one of Tannet’s most important business operations, market and marketing operation is of great importance for any new starters, since they can develop public relations and expand client base. Tannet provides online marketing service, like website building and promotion.

Brand Name Promotion
Brand operation and conceptual operation service is service to use brand promotion as the core of marketing services. Brand operation, or brand marketing, is to help clients form a cognitive process of enterprise brand and product through marketing. It is necessary for the enterprise to build high-grade marketing concept in order to obtain and maintain the competitive advantage constantly.

The smartest marketing is not to build a huge marketing network, but the use of brand symbols, making the public familiar with the invisible marketing network, delivering the product to consumers' mind so that consumers will prefer this product when purchasing and investors will prefer to choose this enterprise when finding partners. This is brand marketing.

In order to help enterprises to operate the brand, to seize the competitive market, in particular, Tannet creates and designs a program called at three-tier five-dimensional brand marketing program (3L5D), to help enterprises break through marketing bottlenecks. The services include, but are not limited to band name and corporate image design, CI/VI brand name design and promotion, as well as business concept solutions, etc. The purpose of the whole set of design programs is to enhance brand awareness and customer recognition as the core.

Project and Plan Enforcement
To enforce a project or a plan, enterprises need to inject capital. Capital injection is an investment of capital into a company or institution, generally in the form of cash, equity or debt. Capital injections can occur throughout the life cycle of a business. For example, when a company is first founded, it may open a seed round of cash investments from friends, family and hand-selected angel investors. In return, the investors receive a portion of the company's ownership. 

After the capital is put in place, the project or the plan can operated then. Project operation is to create an implementation process plan for your own project, which is the outline of the project. Put it simply, it means that your project is to be staged to complete, in which the stage is the architecture. The resources required for each phase (labor force, materials, capital, information, technology, sales strategy, transportation, site) must be included in. Finally, the expected results are the expected goals (gains or efficiency) achieved through your operational framework (that is, the program).

The outcome of project enforcement is investment return. Investment return, or return on investment (ROI), is the benefit to an investor resulting from an investment of some resource. In business, the purpose of the return on investment (ROI) metric is to measure, per period, rates of return on money invested in an economic entity in order to decide whether or not to undertake an investment. It is also used as an indicator to compare different investments within a portfolio.

Project operation is the business operation through the project development and cooperation. The project category provided by Tannet includes: PPP project, BOT project, characteristic town project, large-scale cultural real estate project, tourism real estate project investment.

Resource Integration and Exchange
Enterprise resources integration is a strategic decision for the long-term interests. With the market changes and development, all kinds of resources must be integrated and optimized. Some enterprises, without factories, machines, or even their own employees, but successfully produce a large number of products. Why? Because they take advantage of external land, plant, technical personnel, labor forces and raw materials ,etc. Enterprises should not only have resources, but also have the ability to make full use of external resources, so that social resources can serve the development of the enterprise more and better.

Tannet has established Citilinkia, which is a double O2O platform providing various business information and resources. In addition to this, Tannet also owns many actual warehouses and virtual offices. Therefore, it will be easier to for new starters to set up a business and there will be a higher rate of success if they turning to us. 

Capital and Asset Value added
Capital operation is the main body of investment through the operation of actual capital and virtual capital, so as to achieve the goal of commercial value-added business activities. Asset operation is the activity of assets allocation and operation of enterprises in order to realize the maximization of enterprise value. The objective of asset operation is the maximization of capital appreciation.

Tannet’s capital and asset operation is divided into two modules, namely, capital investment and capital services, with the main services including but not limited to investment entity and structure design, investment & financing planning, financial license application, fund & trust company registration restructuring and reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, asset management services, family offices, and so on.

Teamwork and Team Task
Teamwork and team task operation are a business activity that transforms human resources and human capital into business value by assigning tasks, task assignments, process checks. Tannet is fully engaged in four stages: team building, team operation, team management and human capital appreciation, in order to achieve the goal of human capital appreciation.

China Leadership and Implementation
In the process of internationalization, Chinese enterprises are becoming more enterprising and more competitive. In the past few years, more and more outstanding entrepreneurs have emerged in china. But it should be recognized that in the aspects of strategic vision cultivation, leadership cultivation, personnel system establishment and resources integration, Chinese business leaders are far behind the world's top 500 business leaders in awareness and behavior. How to well balance China’s distinctive national conditions and global economic trends may be something that every enterprise who wants to develop stronger should consider. To better help entrepreneurs, Tannet Global Service Network (TGSN) and Tannet China Service Network (TCSN) emerge as the times require. Tannet, in a word, is the strong backing for enterprises.

In summary, business operation is a process followed by business incubation. The outcome of business operations is the harvesting of value from assets owned by a business. Assets can be either physical or intangible. With good business operation, enterprise will run smoothly and gains more profits, thus developing and growing stably. Apart from the business operator’s services introduced in this article and the business incubator’s services mentioned in the previous article, Tannet also provide another four services, namely, business manager’s services, business accelerator’s services, capital investor’s services and business solutions provider’s services. We provide all the needed professional services for a company to setup, operate, develop.

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