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Business Incubator’s Service

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A business incubator is an entity or a business hub that helps news companies to startup and running their businesses by providing soft facilities and hard facilities. The business incubator could be as small as a research or consulting company, or as big as an industrial or technology park. The purpose of the business incubator’s services are to create a "one-stop shop" for entrepreneurial support, offering support in form of assessment, consulting, planning, mentoring, training, co-funding, prototype creation and other services and co-funding , and other business startup and follow up services.

Tannet works as professional in six areas as a business incubator, a business operator, a business manager, a business accelerator, a capital investor, a business solution provider. This business exposition focuses on the business incubation only. The business incubating services can be arranged in chronological order or spatial order, in hardware order and software order. As far as market potential clients are concerned, the incubating services are tailored and shaped for local entrepreneurs and international investors. The Incubating services may include, but are not limited to the following:


Business Assessment
The business assessment is particularly necessary for the new business players. This kind of services happen before the business startup. If the assessment comes out that you are not suitable for the business startup, you will be strongly advised not to do so for the time being, or an alternative solution will be given. As for matured international investors, the investment assessment will be on different focus.

Start your business plan with a quick assessment. Even for an ongoing business, take the time to step away from the business and look at the basics. Do your business numbers make sense? One of my business school professors used to refer to this process as finding out “is there a there there?”

Market Research and Planning
Another assessment is the market study and planning for business startup. This kind of services embrace market study and product analysis; due diligence in legal, financial, market, shareholder’s credit feasibility report; business plan and any solutions related to the business startup matters.

Cherish your objectives in mind, objectives are business goals. Set your market share objectives, sales objectives, and profit objectives. All these concrete and measurable business objectives should be included in the business plan. Tannet makes not only general business plan, but also specific plan for a certain period or certain focus, all the business plan are tangible, measurable, feasible.

Making a Choice and a Decision for Entrepreneurship
Before making a decision, the business consultant plays a crucial role for the new starters. Any new starter should make a lot of choices and decisions. For example, choosing a city, choosing an industry; choosing a business form (such as onshore company, offshore company, wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE), equity joint venture (EJV), cooperative joint venture (CJV) or representative office (RO)); choosing a cooperator or work team; choosing market place and making a good placement, choosing resources, etc. Anyway, making a smart decision is not easy at all, a good beginning means a half done, making a smart decision is so crucial for the future success.

Setting up a Business
Setting up a business means formatting a market entity or an investment entity. After the assessment and study, we will come to set up a business if the outcome is positive. The main concerns of setting up a business are as far as formatting a company; office purchase, rent or sharing.

Before registering a formal company, a newcomer should take all these into account, such as solutions to cooperation, contract, memorandum&association, registered address and communication address.

Once you’ve decided that you have what is takes to start a business of your own, determined the kind of business you want, and evaluated your chances of success, you have to begin the process of actually setting it up. Among the professionals, you may need to work with are a lawyer, an accountant, and in some cases, a marketing or business consultant. As a multinational and cross-industry service provider, Tannet can provide all the needed services for you.

Business Follow up
The business start up services are closely followed by the business follow up services, which could fall into the business operation area, but the follow up businesses are closely related to the startup businesses, so it is arranged here for the chorological purpose. The follow up services include trademark registration & transfer; secretarial assistance service; annual return and renewal for a business entity; bookkeeping and auditing, tax advice and tax-filing; bank account set-up and document follow-up; document legalized or notarized; entry visa and work permit applications; logistics and warehousing; market & marketing; personnel recruitment and payroll services; and other related business service outsourcing and incubating.

Mentoring and Training
Mentoring is a process for the informal transmission of knowledge, social capital, and the psycho-social support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career, or professional development, while training is more formal and systematic knowledge transmission process, for the new entrepreneurship.

Employee training can be divided into two categories based on the content, namely, employee skills training and employee quality training. Employee skills training means the enterprises conduct on-the-job training for their employees in order to meet job requirements. Employee quality training refers to the requirements on staff quality, which mainly includes psychological quality, working attitude, work habits and other quality training.

The business of mentoring and training can cover all levels and all aspects, here we only refer to the new startup businesses.

For some creative and honest entrepreneurs, Tannet is likely to invest its equity or assist them in obtaining the third party co-funding. Co-funding, in some sense, can be said an increasingly common and powerful model of investment. It gives investors access to a broad range of innovative high growth technology businesses with the added reassurance.

Designing an Online Centre
The online centre, or the business website, is convenient for communication, paperwork transfer, commercial promotion. Website domain name is as important as a brand name. Tannet offers domain name registration, website design, webpage optimization and promotion, translation, programme making, data process. If we can make full use of the website, the running cost cuts sharply.

Business Equipment and Facility in need
As a starter, making full use of the social resources and outsourcing facilities are critical to success or not. The type of business you operate will in large part dictate what equipment (or facility) and other fixed assets you’ll require to properly run your business. We can’t say exactly what you should acquire without first knowing what you’ll be doing. However, Tannet can provide the new entrepreneur with hardware facilities and software facilities, such as virtual offices, share company secretaries, supporting documents, etc, which are essential for the NewCo.

Business Transfer
A smart businessman would transfer its business when its value rises to the top point. So transferring business is a must for matured businessmen, Tannet offers transfer contract design, share transfer, trademark and patent transfer, tangible and intangible assets transfer, whole business transfer, during transfer period, tax matters and legal terms and conditions will be taken into account.

Since startup companies lack many resources, experience and networks, business incubators provide services which helps them get through initial hurdles in starting up a business. These hurdles include space, funding, legal, accounting, computer services and other prerequisites to running the business. In addition to business incubator's service, Tannet also provides enterprises with business operator's service, business manager's service, business accelerator's service, capital investor's service and business solution provider's service, which covers all the process of enterprise development.

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