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Business Assessment Service

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The stage of entrepreneurship guidance is to help entrepreneurs to make a good life orientation, industry choice, and evaluate whether they are suitable for the evaluation period of entrepreneurship. If suitable for entrepreneurship, then how to make good choice of direction and location? How to compare and analyze entrepreneurship and employment, so as to coordinate the direction of entrepreneurship and the direction of life. There are many ways of entrepreneurship, such as self-help model, joint venture model, franchise the entrepreneurial model,or undertaking commodity trade, entrepreneurship, service trade and information trade. No matter what kind of entrepreneurship, TANNET will provide detailed and professional consultants services for entrepreneur.

Business counseling services include, but are not limited to: entrepreneurial thinking model counseling, entrepreneurial behavior model counseling, bearing capacity test, entrepreneurial ability evaluation; entrepreneurial behavior standardization, psychological quality improvement, career selection and analysis, enterprise workshop arrangement, enterprise practice plan design, business orientation counseling, business strategic guidance, industry development analysis, policy environment analysis, industry value chain guidance, tangible and virtual resources application.


Object of Business Assessment
The success of an entrepreneur requires certain qualifications, such as honest, skillful, high quality, diligent, resourceful, etc. As a result, it is important for entrepreneurs to assess themselves before they start their business. TANNET Incubation Center throws olive branches to entrepreneurs who are determined to start an undertaking with business assessment service and counselling service so that it is easier for new starters to make informed decisions, thus achieving success.

Software and Hardware Backup Facility
Business incubation requires the provision of hardware and software facilities. The center is different from the general incubator parks.In addition to providing general park hardware facilities, the more important is to provide business software facilities, and guidance on business thinking mode and behavior patterns, providing entrepreneurs with a series of ancillary services and backup resources, so as to help entrepreneurs develop and grow more quickly with less costs.

Business Incubation Services Network
TANNET provide one stop services in chronological order and spatial order. Tannet has been steadily and healthily developing a far-reaching international business network. Since the establishment in 1999, Tannet has helped over 60,000 clients from different countries and industries start and develop their business. Tannet’s double O2O platform is providing linking up and propping up China and global businesses network.

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