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Business Transfer Service

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Business transfer, namely, buying an existing company, is an alternative way of starting a business. It is often more advantageous than starting from scratch. Many business owners don’t have a succession plan in place. Some are reluctant to take time away from running their business, while others find the prospect daunting on both a logistical and psychological level. But don’t put it off. Experts agree that advance planning for a business transfer is a key aspect of sound management.

There are many advantages to having a succession plan in place:
1. It increases the value of your business, as it sends potential buyers the message that the long-term success of your business is a priority.
2. It allows you to better assess tax impacts on your personal assets.
3. It allows you to reduce the risk of financial instability during the transition.

Conduct a business valuation
Once you've chosen a successor, you need to set a selling price for your business and consider the tax impacts of the transfer. This means conducting an objective valuation of your business.

There are three approaches:
Asset approach;
Market approach (your selling price compared to the competition);
Income approach (based on your cashflow).

Barriers to Business Transfers
The main barriers to successful business transfers relate to planning and management. They include:
awareness-raising for better planning and preparation;
quality of support and advisory services;
quality standards related to the functioning of online markets and their inter-connectivity;
taxation (especially retirement tax relief, re-investment tax relief, sale to employees' tax relief, and double taxation of cross-border inheritances).
a lack of evidence and the need to harmonize data collection for better policy making.

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