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Business Mediator’s Orientation

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Orientation in business covers different dimensions, depending on the purpose it serves. It could refer to marketing orientation or to production orientation, to employee orientation or to customer orientation. Different businesses apply different orientations, depending on their individual goals and strategies.

Marketing Orientation
Customers are knowledgeable about the variety and quality of goods available in the market. Businesses base their decisions on customers’ needs and wants by conducting research and producing goods and services that satisfy the customer. Consequently, your business benefits from increased reputation to the public, loyalty from customers, increased profits to the business, improved share capital and a highly motivated staff.

Production Orientation
Production orientation focuses on product development. It aims at improving an existing product’s functions and quality, making your business competitive in the market. It also focuses on production efficiency and reduced production costs. The product is the first priority of the business, followed by consumers. Product specialization in the market helps to meet the needs of different target groups. It creates a platform to engage in extensive product training, enabling the staff to develop thorough product knowledge.

Customer Orientation
Customer orientation is based on the philosophy that the customer is always right. Businesses employing this orientation offer remarkable customer service and always seek to establish strong customer relations. They ensure mutual respect between them and their clients and interact with them in a way that makes them feel valued and appreciated. Businesses of this sort are deeply concerned if their clients do not see any added value by doing business with them and make appropriate adjustments to correct this whenever it happens.

Tannet Group Limited is a multi-national and multi-functional market entity with 6 systematic functional businesses and 20 professional service departments. Over the 18 year development, Tannet has developed an integrated business system and also built up a borderless, cross-industry, one-stop and personalized business service platform. In the current stage, Tannet’s major role is a commodity mediator, a service mediator and a information mediator, with services across various aspects of trade and exchange (like information exchange and office exchange, etc). Tannet is a crucial partner for enterprises in their business placement and business positioning.

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