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Market and Marketing Service

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Market and marketing operation is the business operation which uses methods and ways to help the enterprises promote their businesses and increase sales. Typically, market and marketing operation is the function responsible for marketing performance measurement, strategic planning guidance and execution, budgeting, process development, professional development, and marketing systems and data. The purpose of marketing operations is to increase marketing efficiency (client’s feedback) and organizational agility.

As one of Tannet’s most important business operations, market and marketing operation is of great importance for any new starters, since they can develop public relations and expand client base. Tannet provides online marketing service, like website building and promotion.

Analyzing the Market Environment
Conceptually, all of marketing is based on the idea that you must thoroughly know the environment in which your business operates in order to successfully promote and sell your product or service.

Ultimately, your business idea must fulfill a need for your buyers and must do so in a way that’s somehow superior to the competition, however you define it. If you want to be sure that your idea will do these two crucial things, you need to know as much as you can about the following:

1. Who your closest competitors are;
2. Who your target buyers are;
3. How the current business and marketing environment may affect your company.

Setting a Marketing Budget
Spending on marketing support ranges from less than 1 percent of net sales for industrial business-to-business operations, to 10 percent or more for companies marketing consumer packaged goods.

Small business often estimate their sales revenue, cost-of-goods, overhead, and salaries, and estimated gross profit. Anything left is considered available funds for marketing support. A more rational approach is to estimate what your direct competitors spend in marketing support and then try to at least match that amount.

Nowadays, there are many online marketing methods, which are time-consuming and convenient, such as, e-commerce, search engine marketing, online advertising and email marketing, etc.

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