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Business Paperwork Management

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Paperwork management is a series of process management of document preparation, receive-send, application, keeping secret, filing and file transferring. Paperwork management is the centralized management of archives and the distributary management of documents. Paperwork can run through any link of the business. It is also an important business communication tool. Simply speaking, paperwork management plays an important role in enterprise standardization.

If you don't organize your paperwork it's going to be almost impossible to get things done at your business. It's not uncommon for a small office to get bogged down with junk mail, fliers, paperwork that's no longer needed and receipts from purchases. This happens due to the lack of a well-defined organization system. Take the time out to set up your office so that you can properly organize your business paperwork. Try the following as you create your filing system:

1. Write down an office paperwork management plan that you and your employees must follow.
It should detail the progression of paperwork through your office, from receiving mail in the morning to entering information into your computer system, and then finally to the recycling bin.

2. Organize your file cabinet so that it can hold the majority of your important files in an orderly and efficient file system.
Establish larger categories for different types of paperwork, such as invoices or bills, contracts, financial statements and forms containing customer data. You can then label a large hanging folder for each of these categories. Place individual forms in file folders, label them and then order them alphabetically for quick reference. For instance, for a hanging folder containing invoices, you should create separate file folders for each vendor name.

3. Never put all your papers in one basket.
An approach described by organizational expert Stephanie Culp suggests that you have four baskets for your paper (in addition to the extremely important wastepaper basket):

A To Do basket: The wire see-through kind works best.
A To Pay basket: Again, wire works best here.
A To File basket: Use a larger wicker basket.
A To Read basket: Try an even larger wicker basket with handles.

Tannet’s paperwork management service include, but are not limited to, business contracts, employee handbook, application file design, solution planning, paperwork planning, due diligence report, business plan, investment plan, documents compilation, annual report, special edition publication, company brochure, as well as file management, offshore storage, cloud storage, etc.

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