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Hong Kong Registration of a Society

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Registration of a Hong Kong society refers to the registration of a Hong Kong society organization with the societies office of the Hong Kong police force. It is a non-profit organization. Hong Kong societies have no registered capital requirements and must have a registered address in Hong Kong. Three conveners are required, one of whom must be a permanent resident of Hong Kong and the other two who are not subject to nationality restrictions. The Society does not need annual audit.

The Requirement of Society name
Hong Kong Society has more freedom in naming. Regardless of the size of registered capital, the government allows the company name to contain the words "international", "global", "Asia", "China", "association", "academy", "center', "institute" and "research institute". Chinese name may or may not, but must have an English name. An Society shall not use the same or very similar name as an existing Society. Application must be verified by the Hong Kong police force before use.

The Nature and Purpose of the Society
As a non-governmental organization, a Society shall not aim at making profits. All profits shall be used for social purposes. To assist the Hong Kong police force in vetting and processing applications, please specify the purpose of the Society and list the activities planned by the Society.

Conditions and Restrictions on Registration as a Hong Kong Society
Three officers are required, one of whom must be from Hong Kong and be responsible for the operation and management of the Society. Name, Chairman, photocopy of officer's ID card, photo copy of passport, contact number, Hong Kong address, certificate of business address of the Society are required. Special reminder: clients are required to prepare the purpose and articles of association (we can provide samples for your reference).

Is there any address requirement for registering a Hong Kong Society?
The government stipulates that a Society must have a registered address in Hong Kong, which must be rented by its members and filed with the tax bureau. The utility, bank or any government department bill issued within the last three months shall be submitted as proof.

How to apply for Society registration and exemption from Society registration?
Societies may be exempted from registration if they are established solely for religious charitable social or recreational purposes, or only as rural committees or as associations or other organizations formed by rural committees. However, whether the application is for registration of a society or exemption from registration of a society, the documents required to be submitted and the legal constraints imposed are identical.

Should declare duty after registering a society?
There are no restrictions under the Societies Ordinance.

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