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Horgos Company Registration Requirements

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Horgos company registration is one of Tannet’s business incorporation services in Northwestern China. Frankly speaking, business setup in Horgos is quite simple. There are not so many requirements. Instead, enterprise can enjoy plenty of preferential policies. In the below article, Tannet brief investors on the requirements for investing in Horgos.

Requirements on Business Setup in Horgos
1. Company Name
The name of the company is generally composed of four parts, for example,
(1) Administrative division + Company name + Industry characteristics + Organization form;
(2) Company name + (Horgos) + Industry characteristics + Limited company;
(3) Company name + Industry characteristics + (Horgos)+ Limited company.

2. Shareholder and Director
One Chinese citizen, a natural person or a legal person who is at the age of 18 years old and above.

3. Registered Capital
General limited liability company and partnership enterprises have no requirements on registered capital, but Tannet suggests a registered capital of RMB1,000,000. For investment partnership companies, the paid-in capital of management company should be RMB200,0000, while the paid-in capital of investment company should be RMB30 million, and the subscribed capital should be RMB10 million.

4. Registered Address
The registered address is provided by the park, and both registered address and actual office address are available.

5. Required Materials
(1) Application for Pre-approval of Enterprise Name signed by all shareholders;
(2) Proof of legal person qualification of shareholder or identity certificate of natural persons;
(3) Proof of designated shareholder or joint agent of all shareholders, and identity certificate and qualification certificate of a representative or agent;
(4) Articles of association;
(5) Application for Registration of Company Establishment signed by legal representatives;
(6) Name of the supervisor and manager, residence documents, and proof of appointment, election or employment;
(7) Appointment document and identity certificate of legal representatives;
(8) Proof of place of business.

6. Handling Time
Generally, the whole registration process takes around 7 working days.

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