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Facility Management Strategy

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Software for Facility Management has evolved from being a system merely for registering buildings and asset data, to one that aims at increasing efficiency in the planning and execution of facility processes.

Facility management software includes workflow management, extensive reporting, business analytics, and is often fully web based. This software is typically integrated with many other IT systems including ERP software, building technology, GIS solutions, and BIM models or CAD software. As organizations move toward outsourcing FM services, modern facility management software includes functionality for contracting services and monitoring agreed quality, budgets, and performances.

In addition to supporting space, maintenance and services management, facility management software also assists managers with valuable information and analytics that help them make the right decisions, implement the right measures, and track the results. But what do you really need to know?

1. What are the FM costs and where are potential savings?
It all starts with cost transparency. In many cases facility management software is connected with financial systems to reduce manual data input and ensure data consistency. FM software can show costs in dashboards like costs per square foot per year, costs per workplace per month, costs per user, or any other relevant report. These reports allow you to identify potential savings based on trends, deviations, and internal or external benchmarking.

2. How can facilities management align with changing business needs?
Facility management supports the core business to ensure a safe and productive working environment for employees. Throughout changing business needs, facilities management software supports managers by forecasting future needs, creating multiple scenarios, and analyzing the impact of real estate and facility services. This allows facility managers to consistently contribute to the core business and ensure a timely alignment of services and facilities with changing needs.

3. What’s the best sourcing strategy?
Many organizations outsource operational facility or real estate services such as cleaning, catering, security, or maintenance to professional service providers. Large and international providers offer Integrated Facility Management Contracts, including all support services and even management. Facility management software helps determine the best sourcing strategy with information about real estate, spaces, assets, services, processes, costs, and customer requirements. Once a strategy is determined, FM software helps to monitor the performance of providers and allows you to implement changes or new contracts fast.

4. What do my customers expect?
Due to its impact and business value, facility management has evolved into a customer oriented service. Facilities management software contributes to this customer centric process by providing customers with easy access to services through web based Self-Service technology, as well as automated customer survey tools to validate the perceived quality and value of FM services. Facilities management software also integrates FM, IT, and HR services in one single software solution. These tools help facility managers to constantly improve their services to increase customer satisfaction and value to the core business.

5. How does increasing workforce mobility affect facilities management?
Due to aspects like globalization, environmental sustainability, innovative technology, and corporate social responsibility, employees are getting more and more flexible in when, where, and how they work. The workforce is getting more mobile than ever before; people work from home, on the train, in public areas, or in flexible offices. Facility management software enables you to align your workplace and services offering with this new dynamic in workforce mobility.

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