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Business Supporting Service

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Business supporting function plays a critical part in maintaining the enterprises’ operations and allow them to deliver the highest quality services and products. It is a key enabler to an organization's success, but it is an overhead and its activities need to be aligned to support the efficient and effective delivery of organizational goals.

Every business needs those unsung heroes or heroines behind the scenes, the ones who do the word processing, filing and bookkeeping. But most SOHOs don't have the funds--or sometimes even the space--to accommodate assistants. If you've got the secretarial right stuff, you can be a small-business person's knight or knightess by providing business support services. You'll take on all those office tasks--word processing, filing, bookkeeping and even desktop publishing.

Business support functions that Tannet assist clients in the design and deliver include software backup facility, hardware backup facility, practical business running resources, technology and information, etc. We are able to assist clients in reviewing the provision of support services. Specifically, we can provide support with:

(i) providing software R&D (like EC application software or technical software), website design,etc;
(ii) offering actual&virtual offices, warehouses&logistics service, telephone line transfer, etc;
(ii) the design and implementation of new ways of working that are aligned to the organization's strategic objectives, namely strategic acceleration;
(iv) cultural change that puts internal and external customers at the heart of support services' provision, like company employee handbook design, brand awareness building, communication and relationship management, etc(culture acceleration).

In a broad sense, software facilities refer to a variety of software equipment, culture environment and spiritual elements, while hardware facilities refer to all kinds of hardware equipment, material environment and physical elements. Tannet has established the Technology&Information Department, which offers information trading service, mobile network service, Cloud storage service and software R&D service. In a word, Tannet is a solid backing for entrepreneur and investors. We are able to offer needed resources through the whole process of business setup, followup and speedup.

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