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Business Cloning Service

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Business cloning can be understood as internal fission and external replication. As for the reproduction of the independent operator, one of the basic objectives of any company is to grow and expand, which is also the purpose of business acceleration. Independent operating unit, departments, branches, chain stores or subsidiaries are all independent operators of their parent companies. A startup is an organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.

One qualified manager can clone one more department or outlet, and one qualified manager clone one more branch or subsidiary. Through cloning and copying elites, work model and pattern, the enterprise is able to enlarge and optimize its size. The more independent operators an enterprise has, the more stronger it will be.

The precondition of accelerating is the breakthrough, and then, there are two more main factors the business accelerator should attach greater importance to: one is upgrading of all necessary business functions, the other is reproduction of the independent operating unit, i.e. an self-dependent employee, and independent department, an outlet or even a company.

Actually, cloning the germ of a successful startup is probably a good idea. Although we naturally gravitate towards celebrating novel ideas, cloning is a legitimate business model or business process, and, if mixed with sound business acumen and talent, a lucrative one. It’s also, quite literally, as natural as life on earth. We would go as far as to say that like the process of DNA replication, cloning is essential to our continued evolution. Why? Innovation happens organically when the cogs of a black box — a competitor’s business — are hidden. There are plenty of creative processes required to produce a similar end result.

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