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Business Exchanging Function

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Today is an era of information. Information lies everywhere. Those who own information, do well in integrating information and using information are surely make a difference. Business hubs or business portals, are developing trend globally to ensure entrepreneurs, business startups, self-employed people and small business owners have a low-cost option to creating, developing and maintaining a sustainable business. If an entrepreneur can find a platform for supply and demand match making, it will be much more easier to successfully operate.

Tannet has established Citilink Industrial Alliance (Citilinkia), which is a solid organization with multi-functions both onshore and offshore, online and offline. It is an operation and development platform for enterprises which builds alliance among cities and industries, develops joint operation among trades and enterprises, and promotes joint actions among entrepreneurs to accelerate the linking of industrial chains, matching of supply and demand chain, and integration of management chain based on network operation, with the information exchange, and supply and demand matching as a link. It can serves as a business hub, an exchanging centre, an internet web, and an information platform.

Citilink Affiliation 
The citilink affiliation refers to the promotion of cities alliance, cooperative affiliation, chamber of commerce uniting, interaction and link-wise, interactive investment. It promotes the citilink merchants to process the differentiation cooperation, cultural communication, and resource complementing by the “one-city-one” conception. It establishes a resource complementing value platform for enterprises from different cities, and builds a citilink industrial cooperation bridge. The objective is to help domestic enterprises for going out, assist overseas enterprises to come in, and build a stereoscopic large data space and time platform with multilateral cooperation and online & offline. 

Industry Financing Integration 
The industry financing integration refers to produce financing and investment, upper and lower reaches of the fusion, resource integration, capital financing, advantage integration. It contains commodity supply and demand matching, corporate cultural exchange, capital resource complementary, technological innovation communication, industry information sharing, financing management knowledge complementary, and management idea mutual participation. It comprehensive integrates the production chain, supply chain, operation chain, management chain, demand chain and consumer chain, and be form of the valuable industrial chain in the citilink. It revitalizes the physical resources and virtual capital, made the enterprises go to a new development normal that is high quality, intensive, and innovation driven.

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