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Business Solution Service

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A business solution is a combination of tangible and intangible forms used to help a company achieve its objectives. It is the complementary part for the entrepreneurship, operation, management, acceleration, investment as mentioned before. A business solution comes in terms of information technology, business intelligence portal, market and marketing, personnel management, financial and accounting, research and analysis, budget and planning, and the other essential business activities.

Tannet, as a solution provider, provides clients with professional solution services, including but not limited to, business setup, business operation, business management, capital investment, financing, restructuring, bankruptcy, liquidation. Tannet Solution Providing Centre is the sixth department of Tannet Group Limited. With the help of a large database, especially think tanks, boilerplate resources and case resources, Tannet Solution Providing Center offers hard data for customer research and planning. In addition, there are business consultants, business doctors and copy-writing professionals from all over the world, providing all-inclusive service. What is most competitive of us is that the success rate of solution transformation is over 60%.


Solution to the Business Structure and Image
When beginning a business, you must decide what form of business entity to establish. One of the key decisions you’ll make when starting a business is its structure. Your choice of structure will depend on the size and type of business, your personal circumstances and how much you plan to grow the business. You can change your business structure as your business grows or your circumstances change. It is a good idea to discuss your proposed structure with your financial, legal or business adviser before starting your business.

A corporate image or corporate identity is the manner which a corporation, firm or business presents themselves to the public. Corporate identity is a primary goal of the corporate communications, for the purpose to maintain and build the identity to accord with and facilitate the corporate business objectives. The corporate identity is typically visualized by way of branding and the use of trademarks, but it can also include things like product design, advertising, public relations etc. When it comes to corporate image, people may first the enterprise’s brand name. Brand awareness is a key consideration in consumer behavior, advertising management, brand management and strategy development. Brand awareness is a key indicator of a brand's competitive market performance. Awareness does not necessarily mean that the consumer must be able to recall a specific brand name, but he or she must be able to recall sufficient distinguishing features for purchasing to proceed.

As for solutions to business structure and image, Tannet Solution Providing Center provides entrepreneurs with market entity design, business restructuring or reorganization, brand awareness cultivation, business concept design, CI VI MI BI PI business identity enhancing, etc.

Solution to Information Technology
Information technology refers to a set of tools, processes, and methodologies (such as coding/programming, data communications, data conversion, storage and retrieval, systems analysis and design, systems control) and associated equipment employed to collect, process, and present information. However, in business, we can refer it to industrial policy, market information, competitor intelligence, supply&demand information, consumption level, rental expense, etc, which are closely related to whole process of business startup, business followup and business speedup. With a larger database platform and rich resources, Tannet can provide clients with all the needed information about business setup, business operation and business management.

In terms of business incorporation, for example, if a foreign investor wants to set up a business in China, he/she must first learn about the latest industrial policy of China, thus he/she can position his/her business in accordance with the country’s regulation and make the most use of those preferential policies. And then, he/she must learn about the market information. Market information, as its name implies, is simply the information of a particular market. For example, the geographic location of a business, the particular demographics of a consumer base, or any other information which is relevant to a company’s market is market intelligence.

In addition, gathering market intelligence about your competitors is also an important part of knowing how your own business fits into the market and how you can better meet customers’ needs. It includes monitoring your competition’s advertising strategies and the effect of those strategies, how your competition’s products and services are priced, and how their businesses are faring overall. As Chinese strategist Sun Tzu said,“Know yourself and know your enemy, you will win every war.”This is also true with the business world.

Solution to Business Orientation
Business orientation, or positioning, helps establish your product's or service's identity within the eyes of the purchaser. A company's positioning strategy is affected by a number of variables related to customers' motivations and requirements, as well as by its competitors' actions. Create a positioning statement for your company. In one or two sentences, describe what distinguishes your business from the competitions. Is it the quality of your product, the extra services you provide, the friendly staff? Whatever it is that makes your company unique, write it down. Keep it simple, memorable and snappy.

There are three main questions that need to be answered when it comes to business orientation: what is the business of an enterprise? Who are the target customers? Which kind of products or services should be provided to them? Defining the business of an enterprise is the most important step in creating a good position, because the business definition will have a filtering function on the information collected by the enterprise. It will tell the senior management to seize some opportunities, while abandon others.

Business positioning is closely associated with cost analysis. To position one’s business, the entrepreneur must first take start-up capital into consideration, that is, analyzing the cost. With rational analysis and proper positioning, the development direction of the company may not go wrong, thus ensuring smooth operation. After determining the business orientation, the company can then start to set up supply chain. Many companies have risen to the top of their industry by creating and sustaining a single competitive advantage. What does this have to do with the supply chain? Companies such as Wal-Mart, Dell and Honda were able to distance themselves from their competition over several years, or even decades, by focusing on a specific strategic sourcing/supply chain competency. Developing a sustainable competitive advantage in supply chain is of great importance for the enterprise advancement.

Solution to Market and Marketing
If a company wants to develop and grow, it must seize the market; and in order to seize market, one must do well in marketing. Once a small business has determined both its business positioning and strategy as well as the size of the marketing budget, promotional activities can be selected. “Promotion” programs provide direct purchase incentives, in contrast to “advertising”, which provides reasons to buy your product instead of the competing brand.

At present, the most convenient and cost-saving way to do marketing is internet marketing. The centerpiece of your Internet marketing efforts is your company’s website. A decade ago, discussions of whether an organization needed a website or whether it should be viewed as a marketing tool were common. An Internet use increased among targets at the turn of the century, discussion changed to how prospective customers were using the Internet. To do Internet marketing, one of the most economical way is develop a company website. Tannet offers domain name registration, website design, webpage optimization and promotion, translation, programme making, data process. If we can make full use of the website, the running cost cuts sharply.

In addition to developing company website, the entrepreneur can turn to e-commerce. E-commerce is the practice of advertising, buying and selling products or services over the Internet. Besides, there is search engine marketing. Search engine marketing is the process of promoting your websites through paid text ads that appear on the results pages in search engine such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. What is more, email marketing is also a popular choice for businesses to communicate with existing and potential customers.

Solution to Personnel Matters
When it comes to personnel matter of a company, there will involve payroll system, labor contract, employee handbook, employee training, welfare and benefits, etc. Anyone who had even one employee can tell you that the secret to a productive workforce (and therefore a successful business) is an elusive thing known as good morale. And the so-called good morale is closely associated with the aforementioned elements.

Personnel management can be defined as obtaining, using and maintaining a satisfied workforce. It is a significant part of management concerned with employees at work and with their relationship within the organization. Personnel management is the planning, organizing, compensation, integration and maintenance of people for the purpose of contributing to organizational, individual and societal goals.

Solution to Financial Arrangement
As a small business owner, you probably rely on an outside accountant or outsource to a professional institute to do your taxes and prepare financial statements. If you are going to run a successful business, accurate and timely financial information is a must. In order to take control of your financial record-keeping, you must accurately record all your day-to-day sales, purchases, and other transactions.

After you’ve gotten the basics of financial record-keeping down pat, and you have a good handle on your company’s cash flow and other day-to-day issues, you may want to take a longer and deeper look at the financial state of your company. In some cases, you may need to undertake a fairly detailed financial analysis.

Tannet’s Finance&Tax Service Center provides entrepreneurs with basic financial services, like accounting and bookkeeping, auditing, tax filing or tax return, annual filing or annual return, annual reports preparation, and high-end services, such as financial planning&analysis, tax planning, financial due diligence, financial asset assessment, etc.

Solution to Offshore Investment
Offshore investment is the keeping of money in a jurisdiction other than one's country of residence. Offshore jurisdictions are a commonly accepted means of reducing the taxes levied in most countries to both large and small-scale investors alike. Payment of less tax is the driving force behind most 'offshore' investment activity. Due to the use of offshore centers, investors are able to conduct investment activities in a more profitable fashion. Often, taxes levied by an investor's home country are critical to the profitability of any given investment. Using offshore-domiciled special purpose mechanisms (or vehicles) an investor may reduce the amount of tax payable, allowing the investor to achieve greater profitability overall.

As for solution to offshore investment, Tannet provides business individuals or enterprises with investment assessment, project study, business setup, Co-funding agreement, due diligence, feasibility study investment plan or portfolio, project assessment, etc.

Solution to Business Paperwork
Paperwork management is a series of process management of document preparation, receive-send, application, keeping secret, filing and file transferring. Paperwork management is the centralized management of archives and the distributary management of documents. Paperwork can run through any link of the business. It is also an important business communication tool. Simply speaking, paperwork management plays an important role in enterprise standardization.

Tannet’s paperwork-related service include, but are not limited to, business contracts, employee handbook, application file design, solution planning, paperwork planning, due diligence report, business plan, investment plan, documents compilation, annual report, special edition publication, company brochure, as well as file management, offshore storage, cloud storage, etc.

Solution to Business Process
Process management is the ensemble of activities of planning and monitoring the performance of a business process. It is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, techniques and systems to define, visualize, measure, control, report and improve processes with the goal to meet customer requirements profitably. Business process management is a field in operations management that focuses on improving corporate performance by managing and optimizing a company's business processes. It is conducive to eliminating risks, making operation run smoothly, and minimizing enterprise's failure rate.

Tannet's business process services consist of macro process services and micro process services. Macro process services include Industrial value chain design, supply chain design, marketing process design and management process (administrative process and business process) design; while micro process services include products flow design, capital flow design, bill flow design, clients flow design, personnel flow planning, paperwork flow planning.

Solution to Business Development
Business development entails tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations. It is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. Both in the development phase and the implementation phase, the business developer collaborates and integrates the knowledge and feedback from the organization’s specialist functions, for example, research and development, production, marketing, and sales to assure that the organization is capable of implementing the growth opportunity successfully.

Business development can also be thought of as a marketing tactic. The objectives include branding, expansion in markets, new user acquisition, and awareness. However, the main function of business development is to utilize partners in selling to the right customers. Creating opportunities for value to be ongoing in the long-term is very important. Tannet's business accelerator helps the startups and the developing enterprises grow faster with the available resources and equipment.

Solution to Business Transfer
If you’ve been at all successful in your business, you’ve most likely put tremendous amounts of time, energy and plain old hard work into it. It’s probably one of your proudest achievements. However, at some points you’re going to have to think about a subject that may seem completely foreign to you: what’s the best way to untangle yourself from the company that you’ve spent so much time putting together? On the other hand, perhaps your business isn’t doing as well as you hoped. Don’t wait until one of these events hits you over the head — start thinking about your exit strategy now, even if it might be long time before you actually need to get out.

A smart businessman would transfer its business when its value rises to the top point. So transferring business is a must for matured businessmen, Tannet offers transfer contract design, share transfer, trademark and patent transfer, tangible and intangible assets transfer, whole business transfer, during transfer period, tax matters and legal terms and conditions will be taken into account.

We have already talked about business incubator’s service, business operator’s service, business manager’s service, business accelerator’s service, and capital investor and its service in the previous articles, here we focus on business solution provider’s service. It can be said that business solution provider’s service include all the five aspects mentioned above. It is supplementary comprehensive service. Tannet is not just give information and advice, but do well in what our clients entrust. We are determined to provide entrepreneurs with one-stop, tailor-made, cross-industry and multinational  business solutions.

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