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Business Orientation Solution

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Business orientation, or positioning, helps establish your product's or service's identity within the eyes of the purchaser. A company's positioning strategy is affected by a number of variables related to customers' motivations and requirements, as well as by its competitors' actions. Create a positioning statement for your company. In one or two sentences, describe what distinguishes your business from the competitions. Is it the quality of your product, the extra services you provide, the friendly staff? Whatever it is that makes your company unique, write it down. Keep it simple, memorable and snappy.

There are three main questions that need to be answered when it comes to business orientation: what is the business of an enterprise? Who are the target customers? Which kind of products or services should be provided to them? Defining the business of an enterprise  is the most important step in creating a good position, because the business definition will have a filtering function on the information collected by the enterprise. It will tell the senior management to seize some opportunities, while abandon others.

Through defining the business, a company can define who are its customers and competitors, who are its partners, and what kind of resources and capabilities they should have. It's a good start to answer the question of "Where exactly are we in the industry?" There are four ways to help companies define their business.

The most common way is to define the business according to the products or services sold by the enterprise.
The second approach emphasizes the need to define the business of an enterprise in response to some or all of the needs of a particular group of customers.
The third approach is to determine the business according to the industry's value chain.
The fourth approach is to define the business according to the key resources, capabilities and combinations of the enterprise, such as McDonald's franchise, and Disney brand licensing.

The second problem that positioning needs to solve is locking target customers. Identifying the target customers of an enterprise means that the enterprise must consider which geographical areas and customer segments it serves. There are numerous ways to divide any customer base, and the reason for the division is to creatively redivide the existing customer base to discover new partitions that others have not thought of. Identifying potential customers requires creative methods.

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