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Offshore Investment Service

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Offshore investment is the keeping of money in a jurisdiction other than one's country of residence. Offshore investing includes investment strategies outside of an investor's home country. Investment opportunities in money-market, bond and equity assets are available through offshore companies.

One may also charter an offshore corporation to provide a legal personality, limited liability, transferable shares, a centralized management, and shared ownership. In some cases the investment advantages of such a corporation are offset by legal, corporate and account registration fees imposed by the country in which the offshore account is established. Further, the officers of the corporation may be required to establish residence, own real estate, or meet an investment minimum. An advantage which accrues from establishing a corporate structure is that although a citizen may be proscribed from establishing an offshore account, they can establish a corporation that can do so.

Reasons for Offshore Investment
Motivations for investment offshore include:
1.Tax advantages - tax regulations often contain provisions to protect against taxation by multiple jurisdictions which can be exploited for legal tax reductions.
2. Investment diversification - risk can be managed by diversifying investments among a wider range of options than are available for onshore investment.
3. Avoidance of forced heirship - inheritance may be passed to the preferred heir, regardless of regulations such as community property laws in the jurisdiction of residence/death.
4. Lower levels of regulation - a broader range of investment options are available (e.g. hedge funds, which thrive in low regulatory environments due to their highly aggressive investments strategies, thrive in offshore jurisdictions, principally the Cayman Islands)
5. Privacy - confidential financial information helps the individual manage taxes on capital gains, income, and inheritance.
6. Specialist financial services - the leading offshore centres have highly developed financial services sectors with expertise in stock broking, asset management, banking, insurance, trusts, funds and legal services.
7. Safeguarding against currency devaluation.

As for solution to offshore investment, Tannet provides business individuals or enterprises with investment assessment, project study, business setup, Co-funding agreement, due diligence, feasibility study investment plan or portfolio, project assessment, etc.

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