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Guangzhou Nansha New District Area

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Nansha is located at the southernmost tip of Guangzhou City, at the mouth of the Pearl River, and is Guangzhou's only access to the sea. It is the geometric centre of the Greater Pearl River Delta Economic Circle, as well as a pivotal and important node connecting city groups on both sides of the Pearl River Estuary and an important gateway to the south of China.

Focusing on building a PRD transportation hub, Nansha is accelerating the construction of port infrastructure such as the third and fourth phases of the Nansha Port Area and the Jianghai Intermodal Transport Terminal, grasping the construction of rail transportation such as the southern extension of Metro Line 4, Metro Line 18 and Metro Line 15, promoting the construction of high speed roads such as the Shenzhen-Guangzhou Middle Passage, the Guangzhou-Zhongjiang Expressway and the Humen Second Bridge, coordinating and accelerating the preliminary work of the business airport, and building a comprehensive transportation system by sea, land and air.


Excellent conditions for port and aviation logistics

Port services: Nansha Port has built 12 100,000-ton deep-water container terminal berths and 22 professional berths of 50,000-ton or more, and has opened 64 domestic and foreign trade routes in Europe, North America and Africa.


Shipping trade: Relying on Nansha Port to undertake and implement the shipping policy of Nansha New Area to connect with modern shipping service industry of Hong Kong and Macao at an early and pilot stage, and to pilot high-end services such as shipping finance, shipping brokerage, maritime arbitration and yacht industrialization.


Logistics system: Use Nansha Port as the home port to establish a waterless port in the hinterland, integrate the customs supervision process into the logistics operations of enterprises, such as warehousing and loading, to maximise the reduction of repetitive logistics operations and realise multimodal transportation, port backward movement and seamless docking.


Facilitating Customs Clearance

Nansha is accelerating the construction of the "single window" for international trade, and has initially realized the "three ones" (i.e. "one platform, one submission, one standard") for customs clearance of import and export goods Nansha is making every effort to promote the "Three Mutuals" (information interoperability, mutual recognition of supervision and mutual assistance in law enforcement) at the port of inspection to be at the forefront of the country, providing support for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to achieve rapid customs clearance and promote the convenient flow of service elements. This will provide support for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to achieve speedy customs clearance and facilitate the convenient flow of service elements.


The General Administration of Customs has issued 16 Opinions to support the implementation of early and pilot policies and measures in Nansha, and has implemented a fast-track inspection and release mechanism and a new mode of supervision for international transshipment cargo at Nansha Port.


The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) has issued 21 opinions to support the development and construction of Nansha, and has implemented a full business line wise inspection port management model in Nansha, realising 24-hour internet declaration and "six zeros" (zero cost, zero paper, zero time limit, zero distance, zero threshold and zero barrier) declaration.


Cross-border e-commerce B2B2C bonded import business has achieved full flow through in Nansha, and the logistics channel from Hong Kong airport to Nansha port area has been successfully trialed. The cross-border e-commerce direct sales experience centre and bonded display platform are being stepped up for construction and improvement, and will be opened to the public in the near future.


Rule of Law Business Environment

The Nansha International Arbitration Centre is an international commercial arbitration platform jointly established in October 2012 in Nansha by Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao arbitration institutions and arbitrators. The Centre provides the arbitration rules of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao as well as the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules for parties to apply at their own choice. At present, the Nansha International Arbitration Centre is in the process of formulating the General Rules of Arbitration for the Nansha Pilot Free Trade Zone, on the basis of which it will promulgate and implement the Guidelines on the Processes of the Three Main Arbitration Tribunals (the tribunal modes of the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, the civil (European) legal system or the common law system can be chosen), providing commercial subjects in the Pilot Free Trade Zone with three different tribunal modes and services on the application of the law, with a strong professional and The Nansha International Arbitration Centre will also provide additional arbitration services. The Nansha International Arbitration Centre will also establish a Nansha International Mediation Centre, a special financial arbitration service and an intellectual property arbitration service point to continuously improve the dispute resolution mechanism in the FTZ's professional fields and provide more professional and international arbitration and mediation services for commercial subjects in the FTZ.

Supporting facilities

Education support: The second secondary school affiliated to Huashi, Guangwai Primary School and Guangwai Children's School are under construction, and more quality education resources will be introduced in the future.


Medical support: the subsequent construction of the central hospital is being improved to a high standard, and the community health stations covering the whole district will provide quality medical and health services for community residents.


Cultural and sports facilities: public cultural facilities such as the Civic Square and the new library are under construction, and the Nansha Stadium, the official venue for the Asian Games, will provide quality services for hosting top international events.


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